Afternoon D & C Dedicated To Mumbai
Yearly Forecast 2016
Wednesday, December 29, 2015
By Jagjit Uppal

Aries (March 21 - April 20)
The year begins on a positive note with unexpected growth in career and financial gains for those in business. It is not surprising that you may become over confident and make some faulty moves in your career resulting in a sudden setback after the first quarter this year. Those in trading or in exports imports must not make large financial commitments that will be difficult to fulfill. Speculation must be avoided during the major part of the year beginning from the second quarter. The employed must try sticking to their present jobs and not get lured with fresh job offer and must also not contemplate starting their own business. If business people carry on with their routine work they will strengthen their establishment. Those having a family business may have differences with their children or amongst siblings. You must be firm and make certain that there will be no division of business whatsoever.

Home and family life will be fine and the married will share good rapport with their children. Grown up children may have some issues regarding their education or career that may not be approved by you resulting in some kind of tensed atmosphere at home. Whatever be the point of differences must be seriously looked into and mutually resolved to the satisfaction of all. In the event of you being firm on your views then the children are likely to seek separation in business and talk of living on their own. Youngsters in love will find their association as the cause of more friction than happiness. It is likely they decide to break their relationship seven though getting hurt in the process. Those engaged to be married towards the end of the year may also have second thoughts whether to go ahead with their plans. In case of any doubts it is better to call off their engagement. 

Students will do exceptionally well. It seems you will feel completely dedicated to your studies with the sole aim of achieving high grades to enable you getting admission in prestigious institutes. Sports persons are cautioned to be careful especially those taking part in adventure sports or games with high element of risk. An injury in the lower back could put you out of circulation for over a year thereby jeopardizing your career in sports for long.  

In general your health will be fine. However you must avoid doing heavy and strenuous workouts for these could result in an injury causing nagging pain for long period of time. Elders should be particularly careful and apart from normal morning or evening walks you must not attempt to play games like tennis or badminton.  If you get even a slight hint of tiredness or regular pain in the back discontinue sports activity altogether. Lead a normal relaxed life to remain healthy and fit.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)
You have a profitable year ahead. The employed can expect promotion with sizable increase in salary. Middle level executives seeking better opportunities for growth are likely to receive offer from a large organization that you might have desired to join early in your career. The new job will put you on to a higher trajectory after giving good performance during the course of this year. Business people will expand their enterprise and may have the need to move to a larger accommodation due to setting up of additional division. Some of you may setup a branch office in another city in an endeavor to capture new markets as per your planned expansion program. Those working in joint ventures or in collaboration with another group will now decide to move ahead on their own with the consent of their partners. In general partnerships and joint ventures are likely to split without any dispute or hard feelings.  

While the year is generally favorable for work, home and family life may be troubled due to misunderstanding and conflicting interests with the married partner or children. This will be more due tothe rigid attitude of all of you and none will be willing to tread the middle path. Though difficult but if you try to be more accommodating then the matters will at least not get to a breaking point detrimental to the interests of one and all. There is a possibility that the grown up children may propose to separate out from the joint family. If one of the issue of concern is changing residence to a larger and another part of the city then it should be considered seriously. This will certainly help maintain unity in the family. Young married couples having problems in their relationship are likely to seek legal divorce.  

Students will do well in their studies and those appearing for the board examinations of in some competitive tests will emerge successful. Some of you are likely to pursue higher education more in some specialized field like medicine, biochemistry or automobile engineering. Sports persons will do well in their chosen field and may decide to take up professional sports winning awards and laurels. Those playing in individual sports events stand a better chance making it to state or national level games. 

Health will be generally good. However you need to relax and try doing yoga to remain calm for there will be quite a few reasons for stressful situations especially on the home front. Elders suffering from some abdominal complaints may require minor surgery that will be successful. Even a minor nagging pain in the region of abdomen must not be neglected and medically investigated. If you relax and lead life at a normal pace and look after your health and diet you will be fine.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
You will have a progressive and successful year though requiring hard work and extra hours at office as well on the field. The employed must remain alert and try notching up their numbers for the last quarter assessment. You are certain to do well but in the event of lagging behind the given target you could be given the marching order. In the event of you losing your job you will certainly get another good opportunity from a large organization but after a long period of hiatus. Business people must continue their present work and try bringing certain innovation to streamline operations. New work or expansion must not be entertained for some new developments occurring around the middle of the year may require a major shift in strategy. Any legal dispute regarding business or contract will get decided in your favor. 

Matters at home tend to be troublesome due to misunderstanding between married couples and opposition from children. You need to spend more time at home with the family to maintain cordiality. The married couple who are working will have clashes due to irregular working hours and frequent travels where they hardly find themselves at home at the same time. You need to discuss such issues together and try to make necessary adjustments else matters could get serious with your mate seeking permanent separation. A change of house is foreseen but hope you move together in happy circumstances and not one of you walking out. Youngsters in love will spend most of their time with their beloved thereby neglecting their studies of career. You must get serious for else you are likely to lose out on both, love life and also on your education or career. 

Students in lower classes must pay attention to the studies for there are chances they won’t do well in their exams and are given warning. Senior students seem to be losing interest in their current stream of specialization and may shift their course to a completely different field. This could mean losing one academic year. You may change the course but make sure you are serious about pursuing what you decide for it appears you are rather confused regarding the future course of your career. You should not get influenced by friends who discourage and criticize you on the choice of chosen field of specialization. Sports persons will do exceptionally well and most of you will prepare for professional sports. You can start taking training under a professional coach for you have the making of a star sports person. 

Some of you may complain of arthritis, prostrate or hemorrhoids and maybe advised surgery. You must seek second or third opinion. If you just take normal care of your health you can avoid minor ailments that subsequently get complicated.

Cancer (June 21 - July 21)
You will have a successful year with improvement in finance and achieving stability in work. The employed can look forward to promotion to a higher position. Some of you will be moved to the head office to take independent charge of an important division. The successful phase in your career and you being in demand must not lure you to take up job in another organization howsoever alluring the inducement. Any change will only begin a downward graph making it difficult to recover lost ground. Your further growth in career is assured in your present organization and it must be your endeavor to work hard and establish yourself firmly in the present job. Business people will do well especially those in the real estate, hospitality industry and those dealing in sports and medical equipments. Internal tie ups will further strengthen your position in a highly competitive market. 

Home and family life is fine. You will enjoy good rapport with children, especially those grown up and married. Perfect amity prevails among all and with growing need of the family you will be moving to a larger accommodation. Living in a joint family will prove heartening more so when you go on vacations together. Youngsters who are unmarried and are in love are likely to settle down with the blessings of elders. Those in love with someone from a different caste or state will get approval of their parents to settle down happily. 

The next twelve months are favorable for students, both those in junior college as well those appearing for graduation. Most of you will pursue higher education in your own country and may prefer to select subjects like medicine, automobile or chemical engineering, hospitality or travel and tourism. Those in the field of sports will excel and win awards and honors in competitions. Youngsters interested in games and such outdoor activities will consider taking up professional sports and make a name at a rather young age. You will have a bright future in competitive games both at the national and international level. You must proceed in a systematic manner by taking training under a professional coach and even if you have to discontinue studies after high school you may do so provided you are deeply passionate about sports. 

Your health will be good more so for you will be interested in outdoor activities, joining a gym or taking regular walks. Since you enjoy healthy living its natural you will pay attention to your diet to remain slim and sprightly. Youngsters will be particularly fond of body building just to remain healthy but not keen to get bulky. Even the elderly will pay lot of attention to their health and diet and remain fit and free from ailments that are usually associated with those in their age group. You must stick to your regular habits and will continue to enjoy healthy living.

Leo (July 22 - Aug 21)
You will have a stable period ahead and it must be your endeavor to consolidate your position than seeking new avenues of investment or work. The employed may face hardships in their job with constant pressure to produce results that seem to be rather difficult under the current situation in the market. Your seniors are aware of the stagnant market but even they could be under pressure to perform. You must take criticism in your stride and continue to work sincerely. Any attempt to justify your position will only jeopardize your job. And in the event of loss of job you may not receive suitable offer for long. Business people will do well but are cautioned not to diversify or make fresh investments until late in the year. Certain planetary changes during the middle of the year will give you indications of the times to come and you must plan your strategy accordingly.

Home and family life will be peaceful for the elderly but the recently married couples could find it difficult to adjust to each other resulting in frequent quarrels. Try to understand fears of your partner and make sure to address the issue rather than trying convincing the other of his/her fault. If the two of you can bear such minor irritant for a year matters will automatically get settled harmoniously. Don’t try taking impulsive decision for then you will decide to live separately till matters settle down. But in that event there will be possibility of a permanent split. Some of you may consider moving out of the joint family but that will not resolve the issue between the two of you. Lying low and making sure matters do not escalate will be the best way to handle the situation. 

Students will do well especially those appearing for their graduation or in some competitive exams. Some of you will be keen to specialize in medical field or computer technology and those interested in some creative field or arts may take up architecture. Students in junior classes will also do well and soon after their board examinations will take up some technical field rather than pursue higher education. This will be a good idea for they are likely to attain expertise and financial independence rather early in life. Some of you will be keen to study abroad and will seek admission to universities of repute. Sports persons will do well and youngsters may decide to take to professional sports under the training of an able coach. 

Most of you will enjoy good health and youngsters will be fit and sprightly more so due to their regimen at gym and having nutritious diet. Elders will remain in shape by restricting intake of food, having nutritious diet and taking regular walks. It will only be during the monsoon season some of you may get infection in the stomach that can be attended medically. 

Virgo (Aug 22 - Sept 21)
You will have a profitable year ahead. However during the first quarter you must be cautious for financial issues could cause anxiety and in your endeavor to reverse the process you could take some hasty actions proving rather unfavorable. You must just wait and watch and take only corrective actions as and when needed. Business people will make steady progress during the course of the year. Joint ventures and partnerships may undergo some restructuring and that will be in the interest of all. Professionals and entrepreneurs seeking capital will get necessary funds on easy terms facilitating their enterprise. Success is certain and your venture has the potential of grow substantially in the coming years. The employed expecting promotions may get frustrated when their names do not appear in the list of employees getting promoted. Don’t get dejected for soon after a second list will be announced figuring your name on the top of the list and to a very coveted post. 

Home and family life begins to settle down after a phase of turbulence and discord. The married having serious differences will be able to resolve them with the sympathetic intervention of the elders in the family. This will be particularly for those living in a joint family. Married couples living separately must give themselves more time to come to some sort of a compromise rather than seek permanent separation causing hurt to both. Youngsters must remain on guard not get romantically involved with someone new they meet at a social. It is likely an instant liking to someone, though intimate, could prove disastrous for such an association will have no future. It may just turn out to be a physically passionate relationship where the other person may not be interested in any serious relationship. Though you are generally very cautious person by nature and if you manage to have control over your emotions then you may not suffer must in such a misadventure. 

Students will have a successful year. Those in junior schools will show their aptitude for studies and make their parents proud that they may have a scholar in the family. Senior students graduating in the coming year will pursue higher education and their likely choice will be to study law, accounts or business management. Sports person will be in the limelight for their achievements in individual and in team events. Youngsters desirous to taking to professional sports must follow their inclinations for if serious you can certain make it to the national and international sports. 

Your health in general will be fine. Those having chronic abdominal complaints must continue with their medications, seeking occasional checkups. Seniors may require minor surgery that will certainly help alleviate constant pain and suffering. Youngsters will be particular regarding their body and health care and will be keen to join gym or be regular at swimming and restricting to a nutritious and healthy diet.  

Libra (Sept 22 - Oct 22)
You can look forward to a progressive year with all round gains and success. The daunting competition in the business world should not deter you from the pursuit of well planned strategy made in advance before the market trends started to appear adverse to your business. Follow your instinct despite criticism to your old world tactics, for your unflinching faith in your plans and hard work will be the key to success. You will manage to consolidate your position in the first couple of months and thereafter vigorously pursue your expansion plans. You will receive support from the financial institutes and from the state agencies. The employed may face difficulties in accomplishing their targets but you still have a few months to produce results that you will do successfully. Promotion to higher office is likely though some others will also be in the reckoning for the same post. 

Home and family life is fine and the married will enjoy perfect harmony in the family. Your mate will support in every aspect and will not mind your generosity towards your children and other relatives when you cater to their each and every whim. This will not come as surprise to you for your mate has become part of your extended family and loved and respected by all. The plans for vacation with the family will be enjoyable and further strengthen the bonds between the couple and their children. Youngsters in love and eligible will consider settling down in matrimony more so under pressure from their elders who may have got fond of their sweetheart. If you are fancy free you are likely to get involved in a romantic relationship with a person of great charm. Any fresh association turning into love may have the making of a lasting relationship. 

Students will have to work hard to achieve their academic goals. You will be enthused to excel in the forthcoming examinations to enable you to appear for a competitive exam for further specialization. Most of you will be drawn towards subjects like engineering in chemical, automobile or aeronautics and some will prefer to go in for medicine. Students in junior classes will do well and those aspiring to make sports ass their profession will start taking training under an able trainer. Those planning to go overseas for higher education or for some training may decide to pursue their interests in their own country.

Most of you will enjoy robust health especially those regular with their exercise regimen and are particular about their diet. Youngsters will take lot of interest in outdoor activities primarily with a view to keep fit and sprightly. Elders will be pushed by youngsters to go for walks and do light physical exercise to keep healthy. Youngsters will force their parents to accompany them when they go for walks or jogging thereby making it all enjoyable.

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)
You will have a favorable period ahead and your self confidence and determination to achieve your objectives in career will be successful against all odds. Business people will sign fresh contract on their terms that will be much higher than the prevailing rates of their product in the market. You can explore new areas of operation and slowly capture large share even in the yet untapped area. There will be need to setup additional office or manufacturing unit in another city to cater to the vast area in your plans for expansion of business. The employed will feel settled in their job and can look forward for further growth in the current organization. Senior executives are likely to be given independent charge of a new venture that your company will be setting up in another city. A change of location will prove beneficial and you must accept it even if you have to shift along with your family. 

Home and family life is fine. Young couples will share good rapport but must remain cautious of a close acquaintance trying to seek intimacy. A new association with another couple you meet socially or in office could create problems in your personal life. You may not have any special interest in them but your friendliness could be suspect in the eyes of your mate. It is better to keep all associations at a social level not inviting them home or accepting their invitations for outdoor get together. If you are fancy free you will get to know someone you meet at office. You will find the person getting attracted to you making efforts to get familiar. Inwardly even you will desire to get intimate and this mutual attraction will lead to a torrid romance. You must not be in hurry to make or seek commitment for presently this relationship appears more physical than emotional. 

Students will do well this year and will excel in their forthcoming examinations. Those desirous to pursue higher education are cautioned to remain focused on their studies for it seems you are likely to lose interest in education and get more involved in social interactions thereby digressing from your goal.The latter part of the year is rather tough and you are likely to see significant drop in your grades. Some of you may also receive warning and if you don’t improve your performance you may be asked to quit. It is better to put in another few years in your education for it will have a major impact on your future career. 

Your health will be generally fine. Youngsters who are used to taking regular exercise and are particular regarding their eating habits must continue with their regimen. It is likely that some of you start to neglect your health and take to eating junk food and stop taking interest in exercise and in outdoor activities. This will begin to tell on your health resulting in frequent sickness and other ailments. Lead a normal sensible life and you will be fine.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 20)
Financially you will have a successful run and will do well in your business and career. You could be overly cautious regarding financial deals, that are good, but it could be putting limitations on your eventual gains. You may continue to work according to your plans but after a couple of months when you come across some favorable opportunities you may take a few calculated risks and make substantial profits in your business endeavors. Those in the family business may decide to demarcate responsibilities though remaining in the family business and this will give you ample scope to bring about major changes in planning strategy and streamlining your share of work. The employed will do well especially those working in multinationals and in the corporate office. You may have to travel extensively throughout this year and this will be beneficial in the long run. 

Home and family life is fine though the married may find their mate complaining of neglect and your lack of time and attention to family responsibilities. If married for long you could have serious differences causing lot of tension at home. Your mate may decide to live separately for a couple of months and may even consider a permanent split. You could be devoting more time and attention to a colleague of the opposite sex causing serious misunderstanding between you and your mate. You need to be rather careful about your associations for this may have serious impact on the relationship between you and the children. To add to your troubles one of your parent may have serious health issues and you may not be in position to devote much time to them. All this indicates that you may be drifting away from your family that could eventually make you lead a lonely life.  

Students will have to work hard and put more time and effort in their studies in order to get through their forthcoming exams. You will have to rely on your own resources for any guidance that you may require for this will not be available to you from within the family. It may be tough but this must make you more resolute to study sincerely and to excel in education and carve a successful career to become independent. If keen on sports you will do well in school and college and will be fortunate to get selected for training under a professional coach. With single minded devotion you are sure to attain your goal in life. 

Youngsters will generally enjoy good health and you must continue to lead a disciplined life in exercise and in eating habits. Those fond of body building must be very careful during mid year for they are likely to suffer injury to their back due to heavy workout. Elderly may have to attend to some abdominal ailment and some of you may be advised minor corrective surgery. By taking a little care you will remain fit and healthy.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19)
You can look forward to a successful year for career and finance. Business people will find market conditions favorable for their work and you will come across ample opportunities to expand and diversify into new products. Those dealing in engineering products will make rapid progress after a tie up with a large international organization. If there has been any old financial issues stuck in litigation then the matter will get settled in your favor. The employed will do well and can look forward to further growth in their profession. If you are contemplating to setup your own venture you will get support from financial institutions on easy terms. Some of you will get together with your college colleagues and plan a startup that will have the potential to grow into a gainful enterprise. The time is ripe to take a few calculated risks and surge ahead in your profession and career. 

Students will have a successful run in their studies and those appearing for graduation will excel in their exams. 

If you are keen to pursue higher education the choice is likely to be for engineering, medicine or in the field of research. Some of you will prefer to study abroad and will seek admission to university of repute. It seems you will be eager to work overseas after the completion of your education and succeed in establishing yourself in your career. Students interested in sports will do well in competitions and if desirous of pursuing it as a career will get selected for training by a coach of renown. You may have to overcome opposition from your family  to your choice of career but you appear to be resolute in your decision. Health seems to be fine but you must make it a point to take light physical exercise and be particular about your diet. Some of you are likely to put on weight and consequently suffer related health problems. Those having history of diabetes in their family must be more careful about their diet and eating habits. A more outdoor activity will help you remain fit and sprightly.

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
You will need to work hard to retain your job or profitability in your business. You people must not get lured by fresh proposals that may appear golden opportunities to make quick money. You must be wary of people around who may not be your well wishers. Joint ventures and partnerships are likely to get dissolved causing initial setbacks but it will be better for you when you work independently. If in trading then you will be quite comfortable and can explore new products after studying the latest trends in the market. The employed can look for new opportunities to improve their prospects for they may have reached the plateau in their current job. If you have been considering working independently as a counselor or commission agent then take the plunge for you are sure to be successful and achieve financial stability in a short period of time. Those of you having attained financial goals through trading activities must not harbor thoughts of setting up an industry for your success lies as commission agents and not in production. 

Home and family life seems settled though young couples may feel the absence of spark in their relationship. If both of you are working then you need to seriously discuss issues regarding your relationship else unknowingly you could be drifting apart. In this regard your mate is vulnerable to get drawn towards a colleague of the opposite sex causing major problem in your marriage. Youngsters will get friendly with a person who may not find approval of their parents thereby creating tensions at home. In the event you get seriously involved to the extent contemplate marriage then you will have to make your case rather strong while trying to convince your parents. This could take time and if you are resolute maybe in a year or two you could get married to your beloved with the blessings of your parents.

Students will have a successful year. You will be keen to pursue higher education or get into some technical field in order to start an early career. The more ambitious will setup their own enterprise soon after completing their basic education and make it a roaring success. Sports persons keen on making it their profession will discontinue their studies and start taking training under a well known coach. You are aware of the advantage of starting young and will have the support of your family. 

You will enjoy normal health. Those who are underweight need to consult a specialist for they may have some minor issues that could later cause serious problems. If having some trouble in your vision then perhaps it could be due to cataract. For any health related matter avoid self medication for you are vulnerable to some or the other medical issue that if neglected could become chronic ailment over a period of time. A complete medical checkup would be better to get a clear picture.

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)
The New Year begins favorably for you especially after you may have had a bit of a rough time during the last few months of the previous year. Your fortitude combined with hard work will bear fruit and youwill recoup financial loss in your business. You can now plan fresh strategy for future growth for there will be plenty of opportunities to expand and explore new areas for development. Those in real estate, hospitality and health services will make progress much faster while those in other trades will strengthen their existing position before embarking upon new ventures. The employed will be much in demand and those working for the state or government will receive promotions to higher and more responsible posts. Professionals will be in the limelight for pioneering work in their field of specialization and will be recipient of state or government awards and honors. 

Home and family life will be fine. If you were having some major differences with your mate or beloved these will get resolved to mutual satisfaction. The married will patch up their differences after they sit together and listen patiently to each other’s point of grievance realizing there were hardly any issues except lack of proper communication causing unnecessary misunderstandings. You will plan a long vacation in the company of your mate that will facilitate in further strengthening of your bond. Youngsters will find themselves quite popular in their social circle and several acquaintances from the opposite sex trying to gain your attention. You may get attracted to one such person who may be of quiet retiring nature. In this case you will be working hard to strike friendship and much later in the year get to know the person intimately. If single, and eligible there will pressure from your family to get married. It is likely one of your parents may not be keeping good health. 

Students will get down to seriously study for their forthcoming exams especially since you have been neglecting studies most of the time. In any case you have been doing brilliantly so far and will surprise all by achieving distinctive grades. Most of you will prefer doing some specialization in technical field rather than pursuing higher education. Some of you will like to appear for competitive exams to get into administrative services. Those keen on sports will get into full-fledged training and make a mark in the field of games. 

Generally you will enjoy robust health and those regular with their workouts and exercise will remain fit and sprightly. Elderly will have some problems in the region of stomach requiring medical attention. Any chronic pain should be investigated and maybe after a minor surgery you will be fine. You must try leading a more outdoor life for it will be sedentary life style that will be cause of most ailments. By and large you will lead a comfortable life.