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Thursday, October 17, 2013

How compatible are you with your partner? Whether you believe in it wholeheartedly or not, it’s always interesting to see where you and your partner stand on the astrological scale. Rhea Dhanbhoora & Dev Goswami help you out with some compatibility tips

Think you and your partner are the perfect match? The stars may disagree with you. When they said marriages were made in heaven, this may have been what they meant. Even if you don’t want to take it too seriously (especially if you find out you’re not compatible with the love of your life!), it’s still an interesting thing to know. We spoke to oracle Nolan Lewis to find out more. See what signs he is recommending for the
12 zodiac signs:

Nolan tells us that this sign is considered to be the child of the zodiac. This means that you’ve got a childlike energy — think carefree, adventurous and extremely impulsive. You also have an ambitious, entrepreneurial streak. You need a partner who will keep you grounded (since you will have moments of frequent immaturity), but without restricting your freedom.

Your ideal match Leo is a regal sign, so you can be sure that they will meet your high expectations. You will also be a good match with Sagittarius, who usually have their eyes set on a goal, something the ambitious side of you will appreciate.

The mismatch If you’re dating a Libran, you may have a few problems. Their compulsive need to weigh out pros and cons before making any decisions might drive you insane.

The sign of the bull loves being in control. Nolan says that control freak Taureans expect their partners to be passive and obedient, allowing you to pull all the strings. But, that’s not all there is to your sign. You also have a need to nurture and sustain — sort of like a firm parent.

Your ideal match Cancer is your ideal match. Underneath all their strong will is a need to be nurtured, which you do best. Virgo and you are a decent option — the relationship would be peaceful since you both have similar natures.

The mismatch Dating a Scorpio isn’t your best bet, because you both share an innate need for control. It’s a relationship that would most probably end in conflict.

Ah, the player! While you may never openly admit this, monogamy may not exactly be your cup of tea. Your split personality means you crave companionship but also seek variety. Nolan calls this an internal tug of war, where you’re constantly defying convention and tradition. You need a casual but still very stimulating relationship. Cool and detached personalities are your best bet.

Your ideal match Pick an Aquarian as their intellect and need to have fun will thrill and interest you. Scorpio is also a good match, especially when it comes to intimacy.

The mismatch Virgo signs are a little too traditional for your nature — it’s not a relationship that will work.

You’re a sign that may often be filled with a certain amount of childhood trauma, so while on the surface you are strong, grim and very cold — somewhere deep down you love being pampered and you wouldn’t say no to being protected and nurtured. Cancerians will be the first to disagree to this fact too! Nolan tells us they’re not onboard with the idea of being anything less than strong.

Your ideal match You’ll never go wrong with a Taurean. Their need to nurture and protect while still being grounded will complement your outer nature as well as what you need internally. Pisces is a decent match too as their empathy can help you heal.

The mismatch Capricorn is a big no-no here. Their logical pragmatism and emotional unresponsiveness are not something you can work with long-term.

Here’s a royal sign for you. With luxury and comfort at the helm of your desired, everything for you needs to be larger than life.

But, as Nolan tells us — you’re such a lazy sign, you need someone who will push you to perform.

Your ideal match Go-getter Aries signs are always pushing people to succeed and they can help you get your act together. Librans are also a good match since they can give you perspective and balance.

The mismatch Aquarius is a sign filled with eccentricity and are often erratic — they’re not your best option.

These signs have no shades of grey. Everything is black and white and you’re not big on paying attention to detail. Nolan explains that these signs love routine and are creatures of habit. You need someone who can accept your need for perfection.

Your ideal match If you’re looking to be a power couple, Nolan suggests a relationship with a Capricorn, a sign that signifies perseverance and progress. Honest and reliable Taureans are also good for you.

The mismatch Pisces may be a dreamer, but you’re going to see them as a drifter and the relationship will be filled with conflict.

Your symbol of scales exemplifies neutrality and justice and Librans feel this need to be politically correct at all times. Your qualities of being honest, ethical and compassionate mean that you genuinely wish to make the world a better place. So, your partner needs to be a superhero or a vigilante driving by a strong sense of activism and we aren’t even kidding!

Your ideal match The perfect match for Librans would be Leo. Their heroic qualities mean that your romance will be epic. Even the angelic Pisces can be a good match as they will inspire you to do some soul-searching.

The mismatch The brash Aries is someone that you really do not want in your life and will tip your scales out of balance.

As far as desire goes, you are the most desirable of all zodiac signs. Your passion, sensuality and lust mean that most other zodiac signs will want to be with you but will find it hard to please you. You are elusive and have an air of unattainability around you, which might just make you, just like the forbidden fruit, more desirable for other signs.

Your ideal match Cancer shares your depth, both physically and emotionally and so, would make for a good match. If all you’re looking for is a fling, then look for Gemini as they, like you, are insatiable.

The mismatch Taurus has a similar stubborn attitude like you and being a relationship with them means that you’ll constantly be trying to one-up each other, resulting in conflicts.

You have a goal set in your mind that you’re galloping towards at a fast pace (no wonder your symbol is a half stallion!). You have a lot of ambition and need someone who can not only understand that, but guide you towards it as you can tend to be indecisive sometimes.

The ideal match Of all the signs, Aries is the one who’ll be able to keep up with your speed and the chemistry you share will provide you an adrenaline rush which bodes well for your adventure-seeking nature. Even Aquarius whose thought process moves at the speed of light can be a good match for you as they will keep you simulated.

The mismatch Even though you might feel that you hit it off really well with a Gemini, once the initial attraction settles down, you’ll discover that the two of you are equally confused.

A Capricorn’s dependability means that they are one of the best friends to have. They are strong and reliable and would make for good friends. However, they are driven to the point that they may seem ruthless and unemotional. So, they need a partner who understands their ambition and is as result-oriented.

The ideal match Virgos will provide you with a calm sense of rationality and logic that fulfills your needs and makes you feels secure. Aries who have a similar sense of ambition will understand you and you will definitely take notice of them.

The mismatch Cancer’s sensitivity is something that you perceive as a weakness, making you likely to have problems if you are together.

Your open-mindedness means that you might come across as shocking to some. Little to you is perverse or taboo and you’re always willing to experiment. You have a slight eccentric and kinky side to you and need a partner who can be as playful as you.

The ideal match Gemini is someone who shares your curiosity and no-strings-attached attitude towards commitment, making this a good pairing. Sagittarius loves freedom and will find that in you.

The mismatch Leos have a possessive trait to them which can make you feel claustrophobic if you’re in a relationship with them.

You tend to look at the world through rose-tinted glasses. Often reality can be so disturbingly painful, that you would rather choose to live in an imaginary world. You’re quite sensitive and your partner needs high levels of empathy and compassion.

The ideal match Libra is your soulmate as they are quite reflective and will think 10 times before they say anything. Cancer, with their unhealed wounds of past, will relate to you and your fragility.

The mismatch: The Virgo is practical and that will create troubles in your world of emotions. The two of you will mix like oil and water.

Confused about how all this works? Nolan Lewis tells us more about the science behind astrology and why he believes that knowing your compatibility is important:

“In a country as spiritual as India, we have had mysticism and reverence attached to almost every aspect of our lives. Marriage has been one of the most important occasions for such an astrological consultation. A simple visit to an astrologer that a lot of modern couples today choose to forego is actually a strong indication of whether your partner is really a suitable match, or a ball-and-chain marriage that will end in divorce.

Is astrological matchmaking accurate or is it just superstition?
As a tarot card reader who has been counselling individuals for almost a decade now, I can only speak from the experience I have gained through my consultations and the knowledge I have. Planetary positions at the time of one’s birth leave a permanent imprint on one’s being and act as an external influence throughout life. And psychology also emphasises that an individual is not only the product of his genetic makeup but also his environment. Look at it like this — if you were to mix two pretty colours to create a new shade altogether, there is no guarantee that the results will be equally attractive. On the contrary, the third colour may be completely hideous or garish. Predictive astrology works on the same principle — an ounce of prevention, rather than a pound of cure.

I have seen several couples who in the mad heat of an early romance decide to tie the knot despite warnings from astrologers or fortune-tellers. But remember, there is a huge difference between love and infatuation. The main function of an astrologer in the midst of the two families that are trying to forge a union is to act as a neutral mediator. As a third party with no vested interests, his only function is to provide a clear, balanced and fair report on the couple’s compatibility. In most cases, the astrologer does see if there are amendments that can be made to balance out planetary flaws and still allow the couple to get married. Despite all odds, if a couple still feels that they want to be married, despite the fact that they have the planets stacked up against them like divine bowling balls pitted against two mortal pins, then maybe they should. Relationships require conviction and love that will persevere against all odds. As an end note, I am going to quote the world-famous astrologer Linda Goodman here, ‘The function of the stars is to incline, and never to compel.’ That only means that while astrology does dispose us towards certain outcomes, our destiny is ultimately in our own hands.”

*Nolan Lewis is an Oracle who provides Insights with the aid of his tarot cards. For a reading, reach him on 9967765566 or [email protected]

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