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Walled Treats

Thursday, December 28, 2017

If looking at the lonesome walls in your house is driving you up the wall (literally!), then Pranika Sharma & Aakriti Patni come to your rescue, with some handy wall décor ideas  

Ever wondered how a lone wall can become the light of the room? A simple touch, small additions and splashes of colour can transform the room, and the chipped paint and cracking walls disappear in front of our eyes as fairy lights, wall art and murals recreate the majesty of the room. We’ve dreaded looking at the peeling paint, the growing mould and bare walls that dull the entire house. But, while a fresh coat of paint may lift your walls (and spirits!) for a while, it gets old really quick. And with home décor trends going wild on the wall craze, it’s the perfect time to revamp your wall, using new products and ideas. From elegant wall art to funky mirrors, there is something for everyone, and with the New Year around the corner, it’s the ideal project for you to jump onto. After all, you wouldn’t want to ring in the New Year with the same old walls and mouldy paint now, would you? We have a few wall décor ideas for you to try out.


An empty wall can seem daunting to few, and if you like going minimalistic then wall accessories are the right pick for you. Wall accessories are perfect pieces that you can add to your boring wall and brighten it up without making it look over the top. Bring out your artistic side as you experiment with various designs and patterns to complement your plain wall.

Plating walls: These are traditional wall décor artefacts that have been used since ages. Although they have the ‘old lady surrounded by a dozen cats’ stereotype attached to them; the newfound designs and patterns are sure to liven up your dull walls. They come in various shapes and sizes and are made from different materials such as metal or ceramic. Make sure to pick plates that will match your room’s décor and complement the wall at the same time.  

Light it up: The twinkling little fairy lights are quick to brighten up your walls and your mood, drowning the surroundings in a subtle glow. If you feel that a single string of fairy lights appears too plain, bring out your artistic side and innovate. You can hang some quirky quotes, childhood pictures or even personalised alphabets and emotional letters on these lights to give your wall a personal touch.

Hang them up: Wall hangings are age-old décor elements used to deck up a dull wall. They were previously available in classic traditional styles and patterns such as peacock feather hangings or something religious. The trend has caught on yet again, bringing out more innovative styles that add glamour to your walls. Available in metallic concoctions and abstract styles, these are perfect and minimalistic decorations for your bland wall.

Organisation and planning: Wall planners are the running trend among the extremely organised personnel. They make for a useful accessory to fill up your blank wall. Be it a wall in your office space or in your study, you can turn it into a planner by following a few simple DIY steps or pasting a readymade planner that you can easily find in a stationary store or on websites.


Pizzazz Glass Wall
Mirrors and glass are accessories that can be used to add an innovative twist to boring walls. This geometric décor piece is sure to add a sophisticated touch to your home. Get it at Address Home stores across the city for Rs 13,990.

Metallic Wall Accent
Metallic wall accents are the perfect accessory if you are going for a minimalistic design to style your wall. They are simple yet elegant, giving any dull wall a brighter look. Get it from for Rs 6,499.


The good old days of simply painting a wall with a single colour are long gone. It’s the age of innovation, to mix the old and match it with the new. Treat your wall like a blank canvas and unleash your creativity as we bring to you some of the trending styles that you can experiment with.  

Painting in dimensions: While watching movies in the third dimension is a common feat, painting your walls with a third dimensional caricature is a new trend. The new technique allows you to deck up your wall with realistic pictures, literally bringing them to life. So, paint your wall with your favourite scenic landscapes or create optical illusions that are sure to leave everyone enamoured and stunned.

Frame it: Filling up the entirety of your wall with images and photos is a good way to be reminded of the memories you have shared with your loved ones. This is a conservative yet decorative style that is sure to light up your wall. Although, make sure that you use simple picture frames having a solid coloured border that complements your wall. Use high definition portraits and be careful to organize the frames on your wall so that they don’t look too clustered. If you have several pictures to pick from, change it from time to time.


Floral wallpapers bring about a peaceful and calm atmosphere into your home. Cover the entirety of your wall with this floral pick and let it bring out the sophistication in your home. Get it at Good Earth stores across the city for Rs 16,000 (a single roll covers 50 square feet).

Chirpy Wall Decal
This chirpy and motivational wall decal makes use of soothing pastels colours making it the perfect decoration for your plain walls. Personalise as per your needs and give your wall a bright new cheer. Get it from for Rs 399.

Make Happy Wall Poster
This funky and cheerful poster will not only add colour to your wall but its cheerful design will brighten your mood every time your eye catches it. Get it at Chumbak stores across the city for Rs 3,495.


Shelves are a must have in every home. They not only help you stack and organise your things but also make for efficient wall décor. A plain wooden shelf when added to a solitary white wall enhances the overall appearance of the room. They are practical and decorative and one of the best choices for décor.

Proud displays: The practical solution to your wall décor problem is a simple display shelf. You can go the uncomplicated route with a wooden floating shelf or go classy with a manageable cubed shelf. Either way, both shelves will complement your wall. Fill in the shelf with decorative showpieces, books or your priced collection of figurines and trophies.

Planting walls: A hauntingly dull kitchen wall can dampen your cooking spirits. Get a shelf to grow some herbs and small plants and build yourself a kitchen garden in the comfort of your home.


Mountain Triangle Shelf
This geometric piece of furniture combines the hippie and the classy. A practical piece of furniture will pair well when put up on a cream or beige wall. Get it from for Rs 3,843

Hexagonal Shelf Set
Keeping with the theme of geometric shapes, this set of hexagonal shelves will add a modern and contemporary feel to your wall. Get it from for Rs 3,500.


Take a trip down memory lane, back to the time when DIYs were not the hottest trend and Pinterest didn’t exist. Where did we get all our DIY inspirations from you ask? Ah, the good old movies. We can all admit to having watched plenty of movies and envisioning ourselves giving our homes a makeover much like the stars of the films did. Whether it was the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. themed apartment you wanted to recreate or the family tree much like Sirius Black had in Harry Potter that you wanted to add, inspiration struck from the big screen.

Taking the classic Ranbir Kapoor film, Wake Up Sid as our muse, we decided to recreate the wall they made in the film, and better yet, we have a step by step guide for you to do the same!

Step 1: Splattering and splashes of colour 

Choose the lone wall in your room or house that you want to highlight and get ready to splatter it with a fresh coat of paint. In the movie, they opted for a warm but vibrant yellow, but you can choose from shades of pastels and other warm colours for a brighter outlook; pick whatever shade you fancy. If you’re the experimental kind, you can create a tie-dye or an ombre effect on your wall.

Step 2: Decals and artistic sketches

With the wall painted and spruced up, it’s now time to adorn the wall with decals and artistic drawings. Using bird wall decals, create rows of cables for the birds to be perched on. If the artist within you is inspired to paint, let your paintbrush run wild on the wall. If birds aren’t your theme, you can go with a floral or minimalistic theme as well.

Step 3: Capturing memories

Going the vintage route, let your wall sparkle with the memories that you have created. Using double sided tape, stick wooden clips on the wall, aligning them along the lines of the bird decals. Now take your Polaroid pictures and attach them to the wooden clips. Use double sided tape once again to secure the pictures to the wall. Besides photos, you can hang inspirational quotes, movie posters and even song lyrics — anything your heart desires really. But ensure that the size of these things is not bigger than that of a standard Polaroid picture. The charm is in the original size.

Step 4: Fairy lights and hammocks

Would it really be a Pinterest worthy DIY without fairy lights? Using a lantern or bird cage, drape it with fairy lights and hang it on the wall, with one side of the cage leaning towards the wall. Facing the lantern/bird cage, on the opposite end you can opt to hang a comfy hammock to make it a cosy reading nook or you can even hang dream catchers, decorative yarn balls or any hanging decor pieces that you fancy. 

Step 5: Taking a step back

Now take a step back and admire your handiwork, because your Wake Up Sid inspired wall is up and ready!

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