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Twin Paradox

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Doesn’t working with your twin sister sound exciting? Pooja Salvi talks to twins Aanchal & Sanjana Bubber, founders of Bubber Couture. They tell us about how they design their clothes as a team

Where do you draw inspiration for your outfits from?
Inspiration for our outfits comes from everything that we’re exposed to — art, psychology, philosophy and even ancient cultures. We have been artists ever since we were young and clothes are the medium through which we express our creativity and showcase our personalities. Our new collection, Equinox, is the perfect representation of the twin paradox that we face in our daily lives. We were keen to express both aspects of our personalities — one of us is bolder, with a love for graphic elements, while the other has a delicate sensibility with an affinity for intricate patterns. We have been inspired by the equinoxes of the Earth as well as the balance between light and darkness.

What is it like to work with your twin? Is it any different from having a business partner?
Working with each other can often be a challenge, because it’s tough to draw the line between our personal and professional lives. As twins, we are constantly battling the similarities and differences in each other. To create a cohesive look for Bubber Couture, we come together as a team and attempted to strike a balance between our two aesthetics and create designs that will appeal to the men and women of today. Having a twin sister as a business and creative partner definitely has its advantages too. We grew up sharing clothes, a room and a cupboard, so we understand each other and often don’t need to say anything in order to find out what the other is thinking. However, our staff does have a tough time telling us apart. Sometimes, we swap places and our clients think that it’s the same person they met previously! This helps if one of us needs to travel last minute, or gets too caught up to make it to a meeting. Our relationship started in the womb and we always joke that we will be together from womb to tomb!

Do you have a difference of opinion when it comes to business or the designs? How do you resolve any that come up?
Differences of opinion arise in any team that works with any form of design. Design is a subjective field, so it’s hard to create something without biases. Whenever there is a difference of opinion, we see it as a challenge to bring out stronger design ideas. We sit down as a team, discuss the pros and cons of each concept and build consensus around an idea that we both think is strong, aesthetically different, and most importantly, marketable.

How is Equinox different from the other collections in the market right now?
Equinox is a versatile collection that caters to a wide audience. Since our collection contrasts between bold and delicate elements, it appeals to a variety of individuals instead of a niché audience. Equinox juxtaposes feminine, delicate and modern elements, against the bold, graphic and traditional to portray the constant dilemma that we face to find our own identity. It is a portrayal of the differences and similarities that we experiences, which are combined into one creative space. Masculine and feminine, split and bipolar personalities... everything provides us with inspiration for this collection.

Tell us about your collection for women.
The women’s line consists of fusion gowns and jumpsuits, flared kurtas, sherwanis or cropped blouses, paired with lehengas or straight-cut pants. The pieces are thoughtfully constructed and handcrafted to add functionality to a woman’s wardrobe. The fabrics and colour palettes used are shaded in soft and delicate ombré pastels, and are contrasted with bold, dramatic royal ombré hues. Equinox features pleated detailing that is combined with interesting embroideries and low, intricate backs. The couture line is sophisticated and elegant, featuring an antique aesthetic blended with the contemporary.

You also have a line for men tell us about it.
Our collection for men is characterised by classic silhouettes with intricate detailing, varied style lines and  a mix of unique fabrics, all with a vision to create a minimalist and sophisticated look. The colour palette for men includes vibrant pastels contrasted with deep, royal hues. Functionality and the ability to wear these clothes in different situations are at the core of this collection. Also, duality is the primary theme, and Equinox consists of contrasting bold and subtle looks. While the silhouettes are classic, the fabrics used are pure and handcrafted. The line for men is slick, subtle, affordable and caters to the stylish, yet minimalist man.

How many levels of revision do your outfits go through?
Our unit is located close to where we live, so we’re very involved with the designing and production process. Each garment is checked at every stage — before and after dyeing, embroidery, stitching and, of course, once it’s finished. The beauty of having your own unit is that if a garment doesn’t look the way we intended it to, we can quickly fix it. Both of us are very particular about details. Our team  handles the production, but we closely supervise every stage.

Can you tell us how you manufacture your clothes — the materials, embroidery and so on?
We buy the material locally and internationally, as well as from wholesale markets. Embroidering and the stitching is all done in-house. This makes it easy for us to access each garment at every stage of production and also to optimise production. Even tassels that are attached to our garments are made in-house. And, our buttons are sourced from York in the United Kingdom and New York, USA.

What are your plans for Bubber as a brand in the future?
Bubber Couture by Aanchal & Sanjana was our childhood dream. We would like our label to be in stores globally as well as all over India.

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