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The Bizarre And The Beautiful

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Fashion trends are forever emerging, evolving and enticing, leaving us in a state of judgement. From all the trends of 2017, Pearl Mathias picks the bizarre and the best, all of which made a lasting impression

What we love about fashion is that it’s never a one-size-fits-all. While some of us may adore the ramp revolutions, others are more in tune with departmental store fashion. And although both of these find a middle ground every once in a while, it’s mostly a challenge to emulate the looks we bookmark in magazines or make mental notes of while watching movies. 2017 was quite a defining year in terms of fashion, we’d like to think, given that it saw the rise of several trends of the yesteryears as well as produced unique styles that will make statements for years to come. Whether it’s incorporating casual wear into formal attire or stepping out in your comfort zone clothing, these trends definitely made a mark, whether we love it or hate it. Take a look at some of the most eye sore-ing trends of the year gone by, ending with something a little more pleasing for the sight.

The trend of tracksuits

Image credit: Instagram @kyliejenner

It’s impossible to have overlooked the tracksuit trend that has flooded the fashion circle. But, given the rising love for athleisure wear, it’s no surprise that tracksuits would have their moment this year as well. Whether it’s Rihanna pulling off the trend in an emerald green Gucci suit on New York City streets or Selena Gomez wearing a red sweat set in Paris, celebrities have taken to revamping this style in their own sense. Although some of them have managed to pull the trend off gloriously, some others have got it terribly wrong, with juicy pinks and bold blues adding to the overall catastrophe of the outfit. However, we understand that walking out of your home in your tracks is every lazy girl’s dream, we hope that this trend goes back to being more of a dream than a reality this year.

Making it public

Image credit: Instagram @kourtneykardash

Bra trends are a thing, and 2017 has proven that time and again. While not wearing a bra is a trend in itself, right from Jennifer Aniston making it seem completely normal in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, to Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner popularising it now, there are several bra styles that have emerged over time. But, one trend we’d like not to come out of the closet is the bralette trend. We’re not against bralettes at all, in fact, we love the gorgeous lace pieces that we own and wear under a tee. Stepping out wearing lingerie is a bit too revealing for our books, and definitely not a fashion style we’d like to emulate where we live. Some things are better left hidden, and we hope this trend takes a cue from that.

Tip the hat

Of all the hat trends to have hit the runway, the newsboy hat style has been a real hit with celebrities in the past year. Although we’re fond of hats and the touch of class they add to an outfit, the newsboy kind didn’t quite catch our fancy. We must admit that it has a cutesy look about it, but we think the trend is best reserved for the animated world or costume parties. The beret is another style that adds an oomph factor to any outfit, and although European in taste, it’s meant to sit right with anyone who tries it on. The statement piece can transform your casual outfit into a statement making ensemble, but we still don’t see ourselves walking around with a hat of this kind. Not very bizarre in our books, yet we’d choose to leave the trend to celebrities like Bella Hadid who pull it off with pizzazz.

Over and above

We’re not exaggerating when we say that the platform shoe trend has gone over and above in trying to create a space for itself in the fashion world and in our closets. Whether you’re dwarf heighted or you simply fancy rocking a pair of heels that are as high as a three-tier cake, this trend is not one to buy into. We don’t entirely detest platform heels, and we admit that they can be a saving grace when we wish to appear 2-inches taller. However, the evolution of the platform is not one we liked very much. Without touching on the subject of their vertigo-inducing height, the bizarre part about over-the-top platforms is the uncoordinated streaks of colour, random embellishments or the delicate heel that it comes with. We view this trend not only as a huge fashion faux pas, but the cause of inevitable injuries or maybe just a fall to remember.

Of knits and knacks

We’ve always loved the comfort that knitwear brings with it, but there’s a fine line between looking stylish in the trend and coming across as a child in a grown-ups body. Chic turtlenecks, stripes, polka dots and oversized knitwear, in hues of sombre pastels and even festive reds and whites, have taken up space in our wardrobes this winter. But, we wouldn’t think twice about passing up a rainbow coloured dress that is bound to draw eyeballs whether we like it or not. We can envision several alternate options that would make a simple dress look appealing, but the rainbow trend incorporated in knitwear is definitely not a trend we’d like to follow as the temperature drops.

Ruffling it

Ruffles and frills aren’t new at all, given that they’ve been around since the 16th century. But, they’ve made a major comeback in 2017, with flutter sleeves and peplums dominating the fashion circuit, and full blown ruffles coming into effect shortly after. We love the trend, at least some parts of it — the non-exaggerated parts. Blouses, skirts and even dresses have tastefully incorporated the trend. The Gauri & Nainika designer gown, sported by actress Deepika Padukone, however, made waves of a different kind. Deepika appears to look like a model for a birthday cake in the ensemble. Although she’s got the face and figure that can make any outfit look a million bucks, we can’t say the same for ourselves if we were fit into one of those.

Trends we loved

We’re not here to criticise alone; there were several trends that made 2017 a defining year in fashion. From casual styles to ramp ensembles, here are a few trends that made a statement.

Floral fever

Image credit: Instagram @mirandakerr

To say that the floral trend has emerged from the ashes will be an understatement. 2017 saw the rise and rise of floral patterns in all forms, sizes and shades. Whether it was in the form of prints or embellishments, on shoes or outfits, florals have bloomed in the fashion space and it looks like they’re here to stay. We love the preppy edge that the print adds to an outfit, transporting you to a world of dreamy dressing.

Magic of midi’s

We like that skirts are having a moment in the fashion scene, with several variations in the trend. But, we particularly like the rise of the midi skirt style, which is not only simple but elegant in its appearance. Pull on a midi skirt with a casual tee and you’re all set for the occasion. The best part about these skirts is that you can team them up with nearly any kind of top and you’ll still rock the look.

Pantsuit pleasure

Image credit: Instagram @emmawatson

We loved the evolution of the pantsuit trend as part of party wear and work wear also. With youngsters sporting the trend now more than ever, it’s no longer reserved for only formals.

Mule it over

Of all the shoe trends that have emerged in 2017, mules top our list. They’re not only comfortable but stylish as well, and are a versatile pick for any occasion. We love them in velvet or suede, you can never go wrong when you slip into a pair of mules. Although not a new style, we’re grateful for the comeback of this trend in the industry.

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