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Spring Cleaning Spree

Thursday, March 15, 2018

It will soon be that time of the year when we will have to bring out our cleaning supplies and turn our homes upside down. To prepare you for the spring cleaning routine that is sure to ensue, Pranika Sharma & Pearl Mathias have something fun in store

We love a change of season because it means we get to pamper ourselves with new clothes, trending beauty products and even the latest fragrances. But, before you set out to revamp your fashion style this season, we think you should give your home a second glance. Here, we bring you a guide to spring cleaning for every room in your home.

To make the task less daunting, we’ve charted out a simple cleaning plan that divides all your spring cleaning activities by the week. Simply pin it up to your refrigerator or bulletin board and you’ll stay on track with your cleaning schedule. But, before you turn the page over and get going, here’s what you will need. Since it won’t be the holidays for a little while, take that time to stock up on cleaning supplies and get yourself prepared for the cleaning that is to come. Spring cleaning doesn’t sound so scary after all, does it?

Before you put on your cleaning gloves...

We’ve chalked out a spring cleaning plan that spans an entire month (see p14). But, if you think you’re quick at your work and you won’t need that long, you can tackle each room over a day or two. Whatever you choose to do, keep these tips in mind to make your spring cleaning a breeze.

Start by decluttering: Whichever room you find yourself standing in, look around and think about what you haven’t used in years. Do they serve a purpose or are they around because you haven’t cared to get rid of them? Decluttering is crucial to any cleaning process. So, whether it’s shoes, clothes, books, décor items or just about anything else that doesn’t serve a purpose anymore or make you happy, box it up!

Get your essentials together: You don’t want to be running from one corner of your home to another with soapy hands and dirty feet. Before you start any cleaning, keep a caddy or a cleaning supply box ready so that all you need to do is lug it around from one room to the next during your cleaning spree.

Innovate: We’re sure you have an age-old cleaning method from which you haven’t deviated ever since you got involved in cleaning when you were a child. But, there are several new inventions, hacks and tips online that can help. You’ll be surprised at how useful simple kitchen ingredients can be while cleaning.

Move things around: Your spring cleaning routine needn’t end at cleaning alone. Since you’re at it, use this time to move furniture and other things around in your home for a fresh feel. Even small changes such as placing your sofa and television at a different angle or bringing home new blinds for the windows would be a refreshing welcome.

Get your supplies in order

Before you set out on your spring cleaning spree, here is a list of everything you’ll need. So, hit the aisles of the supermarket and pick up essentials to get your caddy ready!

  • Ammonia and a degreaser for your kitchen stove
  • White vinegar
  • Bleach that’s safe for cleaning wooden cutting boards
  • Lint removal brush for paintings and upholstery
  • Deodorizing carpet powder
  • Makeup brush cleaner
  • Mirror cleaner for your dressing table
  • Potpourri sachets for your wardrobe
  • Tea tree oil for your bathroom


Your Spring Cleaning Calendar


Sunday             1


Get rid of all the products from your fridge and pantry that are past their expiry dates.

Monday            2

Counter, sink and stove

To restore the shine to your stainless steel sink and stove, scrub with baking soda, then rinse clean with white vinegar. Wear gloves.

Tuesday           3

Fridge and pantry

Clean the inside of your refrigerator with a dilute baking soda solution.

Wednesday      4

Cabinets and shelves

Take everything off the shelves and dust and clean shelves and cabinets. Line them with old newspapers or contact paper.

Thursday         5


Clean stainless steel appliances with a cloth dipped in coconut oil to get rid of fingerprints and smudges. But, use only a small amount of oil.

Friday              6

Windows and fans

Clean your fans using a blower and vacuum. Dust your windows and grills.

Saturday          7


Add a mosquito repellent to the solution when scrubbing the floors.



Sunday             8


This is your chance to replace broken showpieces and old paintings in your living room. Anything that doesn’t need to be there can go.

Monday            9

Sofas and chairs

Use a steamer to sanitize and deep clean your sofas and chairs.

Tuesday          10

Cabinets, shelves and electronic appliances

Use disinfectants that won’t damage your electronics or appliances such as the TV, stereo and DVD players.

Wednesday     11

Walls & windows

Use a microfibre cloth for windows and dilute detergent for the walls.

Thursday        12

Carpets, paintings & showpieces

Use a lint removal brush or a microfibre cloth on your paintings to get rid of dust mites. This will keep things looking new.

Friday             13

Surfaces & tables

Don’t use water or a wet cloth when cleaning wooden surfaces as this could cause the wood to rot. Use gentle cleaners instead.

Saturday         14


Since here’s where you entertain guests, it needs to be squeaky clean. Use a degreaser to remove dirt and stains from your tiles.



Sunday            15


Organise your makeup and box up all the clothes that you haven’t used in a while.

Monday           16

Your dressing table

Liberate clogged eyeshadow with rubbing alcohol. Wash your brushes and sponges; replace worn ones. Use vinegar and hot water (in a ratio of 1:4) to clean your mirror.

Tuesday          17

Your wardrobe

Don’t spray perfume directly on to your clothes; spray it on to a few cotton balls and place them in your closet. You can even use potpourri.

Wednesday     18

Your bed & headboard

Steam-clean your mattress at 55°C to get rid of dust mites. Do this at least once every couple of months to keep it clean and free of germs.

Thursday        19

Window sills & walls

Don’t apply vinegar directly on to your walls. Scrubbing them with soapy or warm water, and with a gentle scrubber, should do the trick.

Friday             20

Bedside table & cabinets

Dust your books, polish table lamps and get rid of the clutter.

Saturday         21

Shoe rack

Clean your shoes while you’re at it! A cotton swab and petroleum jelly work wonders for shoes that can’t be washed easily.



Sunday            22


Get rid of empty or unused product bottles lining the shelves of your bathroom cabinet. Empty out trays used for cleaning.

Monday           23

Clean the sink

To de-stain your sink, dab a sponge in a paste of half cup borax and juice of half a lemon, scrub your sink with it and rinse with water.

Tuesday          24

Clean the Toilet

A mixture of baking soda, tea tree oil and vinegar will leave your commode smelling fresh.

Wednesday     25

Clean the shower head

Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and secure it around your showerhead. After a few hours, take off the bag and let the water flow.

Thursday        26

Clean the cabinet

Use a spray bottle filled with vinegar or bleach to get rid of mould.

Friday             27

Clean the walls & floor

Use a sponge or soft bristle brush and employ circular strokes while cleaning the walls and floor of your bathroom. Use a gentle cleaner.

Saturday         28

Clean the drain

Use a wire hanger to remove hair and anything that’s clogging your drain. A mixture of ¼ cup ammonia in 1 litre boiling water will dissolve blockages and open up your drain.


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