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It’s Pay Time!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

There’s no feeling that can compare to that first buck you make. Rhea Dhanbhoora and Shradha Bhatia tell you what some Mumbai girls did with that coveted first paycheque…

Most of us, at some point have been on the receiving end of the ‘you will realise the value of money when you start earning yourself,’ from our parents. And once you do get your first salary, the feeling is incomparable.

19-year-old Annalisa Almeida spent her first salary on getting herself that BlackBerry she had been craving for, while 27-year-old Chanthari Kapahi spent it on her cell phone bill. 21-year-old Binaifer Patel, tells us, “I started working when I finished college last year. I work in an HR company and I started offwith a temporary job that paid me just `5,000. I didn’t bother saving much of it as it was too little to do anything with so it just disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Thinking back I probably should have saved it. I’m more sensible with money now a year later, I think.”

The first salary is always a memorable one and no matter how small or big the amount, you never forget what you did with your first paycheque. Although you don’t usually regret it, there are times you wish you had done something different with your first bundle of ‘self-earned’ money. Sometimes you wish you had spent it on presents for your family instead of buying an expensive pair of shoes for yourself or perhaps bought new shoes instead of spending it on presents for everyone else — and sometimes you’re perfectly happy with the way you spent it all.

We speak to a few women and find out what they did with their first salary...

Ruku Raneja, 18

I recently got my first job, working as an assistant to an HR consultant. I made `1,000 per day which I saved. I’m still waiting to spend it on something worthwhile. I’m pretty happy that I decided to save it and since I’ve been working for 2 months now, I’ve saved a lot more. After I began to earn myself, I realised how valuable money was and the most sensible decision I made was to save it!

Mitali Salvi, 20
When I was eighteen, I worked at the 3G call center during my vacations. I made around `20,000 and immediately bought myself a new phone because I have a horrid habit of losing my phones. I did save `8,000 though, so I don’t regret it or wish I’d done something different. I have been working for a year
now and have switched to a part time job. Initially, I used to spend a lot, but now I save up as much as I can. It is a different feeling to spend my own hard earned money instead of spending the pocket money given by my parents. I am much more careful now and I have stopped taking pocket money. Earning
your own buck is extremely satisfying.

Ridhi Aggarwal, 25

I started working as a data analyst when I was 21. When I got my first salary, I shopped for clothes and  bought something for my parents. I remember, I bought a shirt for my dad, a beauty gift voucher for my mom and a book for my brother. I wouldn’t have done anything different. Now I save because I earn
enough to do so. Although now I can also spend more on eating and drinking out as well.

Annalisa Almeida, 19

I was part of the Red Bull sampling program for about six months when I was eighteen and I saved everything I earned because I wanted to buy a Blackberry. I had to use the salary from my first two months to buy it though. If I could, I’d probably go back and buy my friends and family cool Christmas presents since I got my first salary in December. Strangely enough, since the time I got my first salary, I tend to spend more!

Sandra Mergulhão, 24

My first real salary with a real job (which doesn’t include internships) was when I was 22-years-old. I was a news trainee with CNBC-TV 18 and I paid my house rent with my first salary. I wish I’d been able to treat myself to something nice, after all, it was my first salary. My spending habits have changed a lt
since then. I now have a little more money to spend on myself, my family and things I like instead of only bills.

Jayashree Tawadey, 60
I was an executive in a travel agency and I got my first salary of `300 when I was 21-years-old and had just graduated from college. It may seem like peanuts in today’s day and age but in those days it was very reasonable! I was living away from home at the time so I paid the rent for my PG and spent the rest
on food, commuting and other household expenses. I did what I had to do with it so no regrets there. I worked for thirty years after that but my spending and saving habits have not changed. I believe that it is important to save for a rainy day, so I always saved a certain portion of my salary and spent whateve
was left.

Anushka Gilani, 19

I was 17-years-old when I earned my first salary. It was `3,500 and I worked as an artist. I bought a new phone for myself after saving up for sometime and I don’t think I regret how I spent the money. It has been two years since my first salary and nothing has really changed as my spending and saving habits
stay relatively balanced.

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