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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thane housewife, Aruna’s husband worked in small private firm and every time they visited a mall or showroom, the expensive labels would make them uncomfortable. They worked hard at developing their Amway business and today the world has really changed for them. Aruna is now confidently working towards her dream of owning a farm house.

Pramila Jain from Bhiwandi couldn’t complete her studies and, being from a traditional family, working out was not allowed. Her husband owned a power loom and was pre-occupied almost 24 hours a day. Amway, as a part time business opportunity, promised handsome returns, and they could finally foresee a happy and quality life for themselves. Mr. Jain closed his traditional business and now both of them concentrate on growing their Amway business.

Financial challenges in life were something Sandhya Kadam had never heard of before her marriage to a Class II officer in the PWD. Coming from a sheltered life in a rich, traditional Pune family, she took up tailoring to meet expenses for nearly 17 years until she was diagnosed with Arthritis. Medicines and surgeries meant mounting expenses. A friend recommended Amway. And although she could not understand much in those initial days at the product training and business meetings, the positive mindset of people, the energetic and optimistic environment around her motivated her. Today her Arthritis has almost disappeared, and she did half a marathon two years ago.

Hemalata Bist, teacher by profession and married to a TV serial producer, joined Amway in 1998. Jointly they build the business and moved from a rented house to a Rs.12 lakh  ownership flat in Evershine Nagar. Her husband’s extra-marital affairs led to an eventual break up and huge debts saw her flat and her savings going away in a jiffy. All this while, she never lost her confidence in Amway business, which turned out to be a big plus in her life. She could manage to clear almost all her debts. Today she lives a happy life in her rented flat with her mother and daughter.


It is a Rs.4,129 crore industry that has provided income opportunities to over 3 million people in India. Worldwide, this industry is estimated to be worth $113 billion, writes the MD & CEO of Amway India Enterprises, Bill Pinckney.

Direct Selling is a method of selling products and services in a face-to-face manner, away from a fixed location, usually through personal explanation or demonstration. More importantly, Direct Selling offers individuals an opportunity to own their independent business for a nominal investment.

Formerly positioned as an independent business opportunity to supplement family income, Direct Selling has today achieved industry status. Larger numbers of individuals have taken to Direct Selling on a full time basis. The option of flexi working hours – enabling longer hours with the family, attractive economic returns, access to world class quality products, has led to increased interest in Direct Selling.


In end-2010, Ernst & Young carried out an independent survey of the direct selling industry in India, which showed that the Rs.4,129 crore industry was poised to push through to Rs.7,120 crores by 2013, a 20 per cent CAGR since 2009.

Direct selling offers career prospects on two counts – independent business opportunity to all adults with no formal educational qualification, and to professionals in terms of a full time employment with direct selling companies. On both these counts, direct selling offers exciting working opportunity.

The opportunity to network with people from different walks of life, thereby expanding one's contacts, an opportunity to develop one’s personality and hone skills like presentation skills, communication skills, etc.

At Amway, we have had distributors, who formerly were extremely conscious of themselves and unsure about speaking up at events and social occasions. With training within the system, they grew to be self-assured, focused, positive and complete personalities.

The entry into the Direct Selling industry as an Independent Business Owner is through a small investment. It is imperative that you know someone who is already in this industry who in turn would recruit you into the business/company. The initial investment is generally the price of a starter kit, which consists of product samples for self-experience and literature on how to go about the business.

The most important requirement to gain entry and be successful in this industry is the desire to make it big fuelled by an equal amount of hard work and effort to get to the top, which is true to any field. There are no short cuts to success in direct selling.

For professionals seeking full-time employment with direct selling companies, the functions and qualification requirements are the same as it is with FMCG companies.

Professionally qualified people can look at jobs in areas like Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, HR and Business Development.


Direct Selling promotes free enterprise and over 3 million direct sales people spread all across the country are testimony of it. Globally, there are over 54 million direct sellers.

Direct Sellers also known as Independent Business Owners are the masters of their lives. They set their own targets, decide their working hours and then go about getting things done. In a sense, they decide how much or how little they will earn. Direct Selling companies provide them with all the support that will be required to succeed. At the same time, all business owners are bound by the ‘rules of conduct’ and any violation is dealt as per the provisions of the rules of conduct. There is also ‘Code of Ethics’ for Direct Selling companies to follow. It is self-regulation on the part of companies.


One of the most important aspects of the Direct Selling industry is the money back guarantee that it offers. Under this, every new comer gets 90 days from the date of becoming a Direct Seller to try it. If the person decides that he/she does not want to continue in the business, he/she can claim full refund by returning the starter kit to the company. Products are also covered under this guarantee. If a consumer or distributor is not happy with the performance of a product, he/she can claim full refund by returning the product within 30 days from the date of purchase. This guarantee boosts the confidence of the people.

Most Direct Selling firms offer training programs to their distributors, e.g., during the last 12 months, Amway conducted over 34,000 free training sessions across the country. In these training programs, distributors and prospects are imparted training on effective product presentation, its usage and effective product sales. Such programs train distributors to handle customer queries, understand the requirements of customers and plan business initiatives and time lines.

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