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Going Under Cover

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Liked what you saw on our previous pages? Glynda Alves gets talking to Monica Anand, CEO and co-founder of Under Cover Lingerie, who shares her thoughts on the Indian woman’s mentality towards sexy lingerie and tells us how her website has made not-so-common items reach Indian bedrooms

In the good old days, most of us resorted to buying flowers, beauty products or jewellery for friends’ weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. Bachelorette parties were a muted affair. And sexy undies meant that they were black. However, in the last few years, things have changed. The Indian woman is getting more experimental and she’s willing to think out of the box. And that’s where Under Cover Lingerie comes in, says Monica Anand. She explains, “It’s not just limited to lingerie these days. There are also a lot of accessories available to spice up your love life. And the best part is that you can buy them without feeling shy and avoiding the weirdness of asking for it at a store.” We get chatting with Monica to find out more about her website.

Tell us how you decided to start Under Cover Lingerie.
My friends and I wanted to gift some fun lingerie to a friend before her wedding, but couldn’t find a store or website that had anything worthwhile. We felt there was a gap in the market for sensuous lingerie that makes a woman feel good about herself and which is fun at the same time. That is why Under Cover Lingerie was created.

What does the website offer?
The website offers all kinds of options that make a woman feel sensual. During the day, it could be a sexy pair of underwear or subtly sexy stockings. At night, our costumes or babydoll dresses and sets do the trick.

What do you think makes your website stand out?
Our offering is unique and very, very focussed. Our aim is simple: to provide options for sensuality, fun and fantasy to the Indian woman… in the bedroom and otherwise. This does not only apply to the products we offer; we extend the experience when you visit our website and even with our signature black box with satin lining.

Did your family support your decision? The website does contain some things that the average Indian would term ‘risqué.’
Yes, my family did support the idea. I believe it’s true that people can surprise you!

What has the response been so far? From men and women.
We have received great response from people across India, in both metros and tier two cities. We have actually received more interest from men than women.

Do you think that the average Indian couple is ready for such a bold move? Even kissing is a big deal in Bollywood!
I do believe the average Indian couple is happy to have fun in the bedroom. Role-play and dressing up is a harmless way to do that. It increases intimacy between two individuals. And the fact that we ship orders discreetly in plain outer packaging also helps.

How do you feel the attitude towards sex has changed in the last decade or so?
The Indian woman has slowly started becoming proud of her sensuality. Being sexy is something she has started to embrace. The growing lingerie market clearly shows that she is now interested in feeling good about herself and has left the days of plain cotton lingerie far behind.

What are your most popular items?
The costumes, babydolls and accessories. The bestseller would be our handcuffs and French maid costume.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received for your brand?
Someone once told us that Under Cover Lingerie has helped build intimacy in their marriage.

And the worst insult?
None so far!

Which Bollywood stars do you think is aware of her sexuality?
Bipasha Basu.

1. Get an idea of your partner’s role playing fantasy roles.
2. Know your partners favourite colour. For men, knowing your partner’s size also helps.
3. Check our convenient size guide to ensure you get something that fits you.
4. Pick a costume with these guidelines. Make sure you/ she is comfortable with the role.
5. Receive your outfit in Under Cover Lingerie’s special discreet packaging and have fun!

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