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Girls just wanna have fun

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bachelorette parties are gaining popularity in Mumbai. Rhea Dhanbhoora and Samreen Samad tell you how to throw the best party for your girlfriends
Weddings are always a spectacular treat for the ladies, but off late they’re taking it a step further with the parties they have a few nights before. Bachelorette or hen parties are a great opportunity for ladies in the city to go out and have a good time. Not that we ladies need any excuse to do that do we?
Naina Varma, a twenty three year old who works in client servicing tells us, “Hen parties are super fun; you can do all sorts of crazy things and act all giddy headed. You know that the entire bunch is there to have a great time and whatever happens at the hen party, stays at the hen party! I threw one for my friend and it was really crazy, we even went so far as to get her naughty head gear and a deliciously risqué cake.”
It’s getting easier to throw a hen party than it used to be, especially in the city. Take a look at what you can do if and when you decide to throw your own...
The Food
The cake matters, it really does. Most hen parties take the ‘last single night’ motto really seriously, indulging in all sorts of risqué, and often shocking cakes.
The Baking Tray specialises in all sorts of cakes, pastries, cookies and gourmet desserts. Although they will take orders for the ‘special’ cakes, they also have cute cupcakes and cookies on offer. Cookies start from `350 for 500 gm and cakes from `400 for 900 gm. Orders need to be placed at least a day in advance, but if you want something special, make sure you contact them well in advance. They also have a Facebook page, so don’t worry about getting in touch with them.
Rebecca Vaz, of the Baking Tray tells us, “During the wedding season I get cupcake orders for around 5-6 parties every weekend.” 
Rebecca also gives us some advice on what food you should choose for a hen party. She says, “Serve finger food. Try chips and dip or the healthier option of dip with carrot and cucumber. Things such as quiche, kebabs, wraps, assortments of cheese and crackers work well.”
The Goodies
The little goodies matter. Shot glasses, bride-to-be sashes, attractive, shining beads and more, it all adds up to a great party.
1. Naughty girl garland for `300
2. Bride to be sash for `250
3. Handcuff sunglasses for `300
4. Bride to be plates for `200 and paper napkins for `300
5. Bride to be sunglasses for `300
If you or the bride is a bit iffy about the idea of a traditional hen party try these out for size
  • An entire day (or a weekend even!) at a spa, which is the ultimate treat for a woman
  • A formal afternoon tea for a reserved, elegant bride who prefers a little high class treat rather than a wild night.
  • An old fashioned ‘sleepover.’ She’s getting married, how often will she be able to continue having the traditional sleepovers she grew up with?
  • Bring the party home, with some of her favourite movies to watch and music to groove to.
  • A trip out of town. Surprise her with a weekend away.
so much fun! 
 “I’ve been for a couple and they’ve been a lot of fun. Over here, you have to keep in mind that we have a really strong culture so more often than not it isn’t going to be your typical hen party like they celebrate it in the west.”
— Nicole Campbell

girl’s night out
“I attended a hen party last year and I’m planning one this year. It’s a great idea to just have that one girl’s night out with friends before you get married. It's better than any other party as it's just a girl's night out”
— Faye Rodrigues

we had a blast
“I got married in January and I had my hen party last December. It was a lovely experience and I had a blast. There were some of my closest friends around me. We partied in Manori and we just went crazy because there were no time constraints or anything.”
— Joliza Soares
The finer details
Wedding planner Nicole Campbell gives us a few tips on how to throw the perfect bachelorette party
  • Figure out whether you’d like to throw the party indoor or outdoors.
  • Decide whether you want to plan it yourself or give it to a professional (Nicole herself offers hen parties as part of her wedding packages).
  • Decide the location, theme and time.
  • The bride-to-be must be sure of the kind of party she wants to throw, whether Classy or Sassy. As there is a big difference between the two. So make sure you know what she wants.
  • If you’re doing it yourself remember it’s about the person getting married and not the people attending the party.
  • Send out invites at least two months in advance, weddings aren’t planned in a day and people need to set their dates.
  • Get ideas out on the table early on, there’s nothing worse than a shabbily planned hen party.
  • The hen party should ideally be held at least two days prior to the wedding. The bride won’t want to look exhausted and hung over on her own wedding, she needs time to relax and recuperate before the big day.
Trio Party Supplies
If you’re looking for decorations that pack a bit of a punch, Trio party supplies is the place to go. You can get all sorts of party items for, as their Facebook page suggests, a ‘wild (or not so wild) bachelorette party.’ If you’d like one of the most memorable parties you can get, this is the place to call on.
Pallavi one half of the Trio duo tells us, “One of our friends was getting married in November 2009 and we realised there was really nothing in Bombay that we could use. My friend from New York brought down some items and we thought, if she could get those items now, why couldn’t we make it into a little business? We usually update our stock around this time with the start of the wedding season.”
Contact: . Also check out their Facebook page for further details.
Ladies Specials
Ladies nights (and lunches) are hot in the city. The executive chef of Azok by Vineet, Vijay Pandey says, “It’s always a pleasure to cater to women for quite a few reasons. Of the most prominent is the fact that in a few moments they lighten the atmosphere amongst their friends. A quiet evening will never be possible when you have a group of women together specially when enticed by scrumptious delicacies and drinks. It just makes the whole ambience very up-beat. I think a night dedicated to ladies is a must!” So you can also try having your hen party at the following venues:
Ladies Night at ‘Azok by Vineet’
Ladies night at ‘Azok by Vineet’ is held every Thursday night.
Where: Oakwood Premier, 29 1 JR Mhatre Road, Juhu Beach
Firangi Paani
Firangi Paani has ladies nights every Monday and Wednesday
Where: Fun Republic, Level-3, Andheri(W)
Mumbai Times Café
MTC has ladies nights on Fridays
Where: 33rd Road, Khar (W)

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