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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Priyanka Singh speaks to Mithy Tatak, the drummer of the all-girl band The Vinyl Records (TVR), before they perform tonight at Hard Rock Café

The ideation of The Vinyl Records, which is a New Delhi-based all-girl band, started with Mithy Tatak (drummer), Minam Tekseng (bass/vocals), and Banu Jini (guitar/vocals) in 2010. It’s fascinating how a drummer, a bassist and a guitarist, all from Arunachal Pradesh, crossed paths, liked each other’s sound sensibilities and decided to form a band. By 2011, the band became a quaternary when they met Cheyyrian Bark (vocalist and keyboards) and that’s when The Vinyl Records embarked on their musical journey. They describe their sound as indie rock, new wave and post punk and their inspirations range from CSS and The Donnas to The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. Below are excerpts of our talk with Mithy:

Tell us about how the band formed.
The idea of forming a band started out as a fun experiment when Minam, Banu and I moved to New Delhi. A year after our first gig in 2011, we met Cheyyrian at a music school. That’s how The Vinyl Records was born.

How did you guys zero in on the kind of sound sensibility that your band has?
Luckily, all of us share a similar taste in music: indie-pop-punk to rock ‘n’ roll.

Has the band ever had differences? How do you go about solving them?
Being in a band we learn a lot of things. There have been differences in our musical journey and at the end of the day we have all cried, laughed and grown together.

What do you guys do apart from playing in the band? Studies? Jobs?
Apart from music, three of us are pursuing post graduation. Minam is also pursuing a course in Korean and I’m looking to do my research in genetics. I also volunteer for an NGO as a content writer.

Do you feel that it is tougher to be part of an all-girl band?
We don’t think it’s tougher to be part of an all-girl band, but there have been some instances when we come across stereotypical people who consider girls playing rock music as not very cool. But then again, who cares!

Which female musicians inspire The Vinyl Records?
Riot grrrl bands, CSS, Joan Jett and Björk.

Indian bands that you look up to:
Shaa’ir + Func, Sky Rabbit, Dualist Inquiry and The Ska Vengers.

Five tracks that you’d love to cover:
CCS: Alala
Two Door Cinema Club: Something Good Can Work
Sahara Hotnights: Alright Alright
The Runaways: Cherry Bomb
Jimi Hendrix: Fire

Which has been the band’s favourite show so far?
The Stupiditties 5’s album launch in Mumbai and Ziro festival, 2012.

What artists would TVR like to work with in the future?
CSS, Björk and Dualist Inquiry.

Where do you see yourselves in the next five years?
We want to see ourselves as supremely evolved musicians, playing at festivals such as Lollapalooza and Glastonbury, touring the globe and making albums.

Dream venue?
Earthdom in Tokyo.

Who: Cheyyrian Bark (23) — Lead vocals/keyboards
You’d call her: Mad, jumpy, vivacious

Who: Minam Tekseng (23) — Bass/vocals
You’d call her: Goofy and fun

Who: Banu Jini (24) — Guitars/vocals
You’d call her: Slash of the band

Who: Mithy Tatak (22) — Drummer
You’d call her: Serious, no-nonsense

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