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Executive, Confidential Matchmaking

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Vows for Eternity (VFE) is a company that offers matchmaking services for high-profile, C-suite Indians in India as well as abroad. Anindra Siqueira spoke with Anuradha Vinod-Gupta of VFE to find out more about the brand and what they offer

With a focus on quality over quantity, Vows for Eternity is a company that helps C-suite level Indians and NRIs find a life partner based on their mindsets, values and personalities. Based out of Mumbai, Delhi and New York, the company boasts of a highly confidential service and prides itself on developing a keen understanding of what exactly their clients need. Anuradha Vinod-Gupta, founder & CEO of Vows for Eternity, has had quite an inspiring career. While still in college, she breathed life into a start-up, which she sold five years later, and she’s also worked with the  Arsenal Football Club.

What inspired you to start Vows for Eternity (VFE)?
My experiences as well as the experiences of people close to me during their search for life partners is my inspiration. I felt like I didn’t have the emotional bandwidth or the time to carry on the search and wanted to be able to connect with someone who could understand where I was coming from, and help me with my search. In today’s ever-changing landscape, parents are at a loss in terms of helping their children find the right partner. As time passes, they get increasingly worried and it becomes tougher to find someone right. I wanted to do something where I could help people achieve what they want.

So, why target VIPs and C-suite employees in particular for the service?
We have an eligibility criteria, which consists of a variety of various aspects. While it’s true that our premium membership is growing quickly, it’s because people are picking it! Celebrities, industrialists and top-notch professionals generally pick this premium membership. They are looking for confidentiality and want to work with someone who is on a similar wavelength as they are, and someone who can help them with their search. Moreover, being in accord with our members is our biggest strength.

VFE is based in Delhi, Mumbai and New York. Do you plan to expand it to other Indian cities?
Our membership is in no way limited to these places. We have members from across the world including  countries such as Singapore, Dubai, UK, Canada, all  major cities in the USA and a several Indian cities such as Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Lucknow. However, in India, Mumbai and Delhi have our largest member base because of our eligibility criteria.

What sort of services can someone who enlists with VFE expect?
A confidential service that is personalised in its approach, but global in its outlook.

Tell us a little bit about your time working with Arsenal FC.
I enjoyed working for Arsenal FC. It exposed me to another world. Besides success, money and adulation, there is only one thing that people crave, and that is to feel loved and valued, and we definitely offer that!

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