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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thinking about picking up a few new goodies for your makeup bag before the festive season? Read our verdict on some of the newly launched products in the market

Lakmé’s new gel stylist range promises to help your nails look like the popular Hollywood gel nail trend (artificial nails that have a high-shine quotient) on your natural nail. The colour looks shiny in the bottle, so I was excited to see how it would look on my nails. The brush applicator makes it easy to apply; it does not crinkle and goes on in one smooth line, so you don’t have to reapply it. The colour however, was like any other run-off-the-mill red. In fact, I’ve bought cheaper nail polishes that shined better. My nails looked shiny for about a day, after which it began chipping quickly. And in around three days, the lustre had faded to a dull, almost matte effect.
Price Rs 400

Guess who’s got Demi Moore on board? Oriflame has signed on the actress and they’ve got a range of products inspired by the star — including a very, very red lipstick. I’m a big fan of Oriflame’s Giordani range and so, I was expecting the same level of quality. The packaging is classy and we like that the tube clicks to open. The colour is cherry red with a slight orange undertone that is not meant for the faint-hearted. It glides on easily and has a delicious scent but it tends to slip and slide. Lip liner is a must. While I doubt it will work as a swipe-and-go lipstick, its intense colour means that it can double up as a mean lip stain that can last you all night.
Price Rs 698

If you want something for the party season, this is it! The gold eyeliner adds a touch of shimmer to your eyes and is fun to play around with. We like that it’s gold and shimmery, but that there aren’t any chunks of glitter. The application tip is thin and while you need a steady hand to apply it, it doesn’t dry too fast which gives you ample time to correct mistakes with a Q-tip. You can also tone down the gold with Lakmé’s new range of kohl sticks. We love the pitch black, dark texture of the kohl. However, Lakmé guarantees that it will stay on for 16-hours, but it got smudged after merely two hours. While it is water resistant, it doesn’t stay for long and needs regular touch-ups.
Price Gold eyeliner: Rs 290 Kohl stick: Rs 675

There are some beauty products where the packaging speaks volumes about the targeted audience and Oriflame’s range of More by Demi is targeted at those who love luxury. The opulent gold capped, vintage square bottle was encased in a cream and gold cardboard box, which was pretty fancy. But, the product itself was average. The nail polish is a brilliant red and applies quickly and evenly. It takes a while to dry and smudges easily, so be careful that you sit as still as a pampered star for at least half an hour after application. The colour does not wear off too quickly, which is a plus point and the glossy shine lasts for a week.
Price Rs 398

Bath salts always catch my attention and these bright salts were very attractive looking. They contain Epsom and sea salts and are supposed to be anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-septic while helping fight skin problems. Added to my bathwater, it was refreshing, but there was nothing about it that stood out. My skin did not feel particularly soft and although it smelt alright, there are several bath salts out there that smell a whole lot better. It was nice, but nothing that I would recommend too highly.
Price Rs 350

Soulflower’s massage oil comes with a pretty little note that tells you how to use it. You’re supposed to massage your feet with a little oil and then put on socks till most of the oil is absorbed into your skin. When you open the oil, you get the heady scent of peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus but the oil also contains tea tree essential oils, vitamin E, jojoba, olive, rice bran and sesame oils. I decided to get comfortable and massage my feet, although I didn’t have very high expectations. I should have. The oil heats up as you rub it into your skin and once you’re lying back with socks on, you’re left feeling really relaxed. And while there wasn’t a radical difference, my feet did feel softer. It also lasts very long since you only need a little oil at a time, so it’s definitely value for money.
Price Rs 350

When someone gives me something that says “white glow,” I’m instantly suspicious as fairness products are not my cup of tea. But, the silk proteins, cherry blossom and white mulberry made this cream smell so heavenly, I couldn’t resist applying it. The non-greasy cream blends easily and while (disappointingly) the smell does not last long, it conditions and hydrates as promised. My skin was softer, but I can’t say it was any fairer and it didn’t give me any real glow to speak of.
Price Rs 229


The shampoo, conditioner and mask is well-packaged and it looks nourishing with the white, creamy texture. While the shampoo and conditioner had a pleasant smell, the mask had a chemical scent that put me off. Sadly, this repair range didn’t suit my hair (curly and thick) at all. So much so, that I felt that I suffered from aggravated hair fall. The shampoo left a residue as well. However, a reviewer with straight hair loved it and recommends the range. You’ll just have to see for yourself!
Price Mask: Rs 215; Shampoo & conditioner: Rs 135 each for 180ml

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