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Bake Your Makeup

Thursday, July 23, 2015

No, we’re not asking you to pop your makeup products in the oven! Anindra Siqueira & Sara Shah tell you more about a new makeup trend that can help you achieve a ‘baked’ glow

Baking your makeup is a trend that’s taking the beauty industry by storm, with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian helping it become even more popular. The trend is all about achieving a glowing finish by applying translucent powder on your face and letting it sit for 10 minutes. The powder will use your skin’s natural heat to ‘bake’ on your skin and blend, lending your skin a lovely glow once it has been dusted off. It is a lengthy, but uncomplicated process. Read on as we get celebrity makeup artist Vipul Bhagat and co-owner and co-founder of makeup training academy, Fat Mu, Virginia Holmes, to give us a few tips on this trend.

Hydrating your skin is a crucial step. Applying an under-eye cream will plump up the area under your eyes and reduce the prominence of wrinkles. This will also make the process of baking easier.

The next step is to apply a thick concealer. Getting this right can be tricky, so apply it from the apples of your cheekbones towards the inner corners of your eyes and then dab it with a wet makeup sponge to make sure that it blends well.

Layer it
You can skip this step if you’re averse to the idea of caking your face with makeup. But, for long-lasting results, you will need to apply another layer of concealer. You can do this with a brush, but blending it in with a wet makeup sponge will give you a better finish.

Powder it
Liberally dust a little translucent powder over the concealer you just applied, using a makeup brush of good quality.

Bake it
This is where the “baking” comes in. Spray some setting spray on to a wet sponge, dab it in some more translucent powder and apply it over the area where you applied your concealer. If you want, you can also apply this to other areas of your face. Allow it to set for around 10 minutes and let the powder bake with your body’s natural heat.

Brush it off
After 10 minutes, use a fluffy powder brush to dust off any excess powder with light, gentle hand movements. This will leave you with a fresh, baked glow.

Vipul considers this trend a fresh change. He says, “It’s good to see new trends coming up in the beauty industry. We love anything that’s upbeat and new, but at the same time, one shouldn’t ignore the basics and the practicality of makeup. Baking, as a term, may be new, but the products and the tonality remain the same. The result is a fresh glow.” While Vipul is all for it, Virginia advices you to proceed with caution. She tells us, “It’s a fun trend, but it’s not for everyone and definitely not for daily use. It’s an old technique that was used by stage performers and those in the drag community. If you want to try this, the best time is on a night out. Baking keeps your makeup creaseless and matte for a longer period of time.”

For Vipul, minimalism is the key. He suggests using only a handful of products to get this look. He explains, “A setting powder is usually used to set the makeup and prolong it. A good quality foundation with the perfect blend of colour is apt. Another important product is primer, as it helps to prolong the effect of the foundation.”

Virginia stresses on using good quality products and recommends a few of her personal favourites for this look. “You need a very good foundation and a creamy concealer for the under-eye area and other parts of your face that you’d like to brighten. MAC’s Studio Finish or Bobbi Brown’s creamy concealers are great options. For an economic option, try Loreal’s liquid concealers. Powders that you can use include soft silky ones such as Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier or Ben Nye,” she says.

Our experts have a few tricks up their sleeve that will not only help you achieve the perfect glow but will also ensure that you don’t make any mistakes when you do try this look

  • Virginia recommends using a creamy concealor and a good under-eye cream before baking. “You need to apply a lot of powder to bake your makeup, and this can dry your skin out. So, be careful about the products that you use,” she explains.
  • Using products that match your skin tone is the key to perfecting any look, and that is exactly what Vipul stresses on. He says, “The colour of your foundation makes a lot of difference to the final result. Pick colours that compliment your skin tone.”
  • When it comes to using translucent powder, pick one that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. “Use a translucent powder that is a little lighter than your skin colour. When you’re applying it, use a damp sponge and pack it on. Wait for 5-10 minutes and then dust it off. Use it only on areas where you want your skin to look brighter and more highlighted,” Virginia suggests.
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