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Bake A Cake

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Eggless desserts have left us sceptical for a while now. Pooja Salvi speaks to The Chef Sisters to find out what makes their little so bakery special

Eggless desserts look soft, fluffy and appetising. But in reality, they confuse us a bit. They aren’t exactly bad but usually never brilliant. So, we skip them if we have another option. However, The Chef Sisters is an interesting vegetarian restaurant that not only serves an extensive vegetarian (and Jain) menu but also has a plethora of options under their eggless desserts umbrella. We talk to them to find out more about their establishment.

What is it like owning a restaurant/ bakery with your sister?
It’s fun to own a business with my sister. We pool our strengths and cover up for each other’s  weaknesses. Our creativity is at its peak whenever we are doing our research on new dishes  together. It helps that our thought processes and opinions match most of the time, so getting  work done is a smooth process. We hardly ever disagree, but even if we do, we normally sort it  out quite easily.

How do you come up with new and innovative dishes?
We do a lot of research, followed by tons of trial and error before any dish is put on our menu.  Following international chefs and international trends is what keeps us updated about what’s  happenings in the food business worldwide. A lot of items on our cake menu, for example, are  inspired by some of my favourites — Pierre Herme and Reshmi Bennett of Anges de Sucre.  We’ve even developed eggless macaroons to keep up with recent trends.

What did you have in mind when you were planning to start a bakery?
We were clear from the moment we thought of getting into the business that any outlet we   open would have a patisserie.

What was the main objective behind The Chef Sisters?
Our main objective is to have great food and service at affordable rates in a casual setting. We  wish to be a restaurant that’s favoured by all age groups and classes. With an extensive multi- cuisine menu that includes Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai and Mexican, and the best ingredients,  we serve nothing but the best quality. Also, our cake shop has some delectable eggless desserts  and designer celebration cakes!

What do you plan for the bakery in the future?
We will soon launch gourmet catering services for events with up to 100 people. We plan to popularise the concept of theme-based dessert tables  and party favours, which become the star attraction at any party. We are planning to launch  other outlets of the restaurant soon as well.

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