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Back to the ’90s!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Think Alicia Silverstone’s flannels in the film Clueless, the Spice Girls in body glitter and platform shoes on stage, or the still trendy jelly sandals. The ’90s may have had some questionable trends, but we’re still holding on to a few of our favourites! Rhea Dhanbhoora & Yamini Walia tell you what you can get away with today

No, we’re not talking about the cone bra, the sharp bangs (although if you can rock those, kudos to you!), the shirt-skirt-legwarmer combination (shudder!) or the fuzzy sweaters. The ’90s, the most recent addition to the world of nostalgic fashion and culture, have been coming up often lately. There’s a revival of the music and the style, and there’s a flurry of posts dedicated to games that no longer exist… and we’re on board with all of it! From iconic films such as Clueless and Empire Records that sucked us into the world of fashionable leg warmers and plaid skirts, to girl bands who really showed us how to rock pigtails and platform shoes, who wouldn’t want to go back in time? Whether you are a fan or a detractor of the trends, we’re sure you can still rock at least some of these, all of which have stood the test of time!

Welcome back Nirvana and grunge chic high-school trends — flannel is back! A wardrobe staple for girls and guys alike in the ’90s, this is high up on our list of favourites. But we’re not sure we’d tie it around our waists this time around!

Designer opinion
Designers Hemant & Nandita tell us, “Flannel shirts are convenient items that you can opt for whenever you’re in doubt about what to wear. Plaids are classic and can be easily paired with jeans, with a tank top underneath or even over a plain short dress for a casual, relaxed vibe.”

Paint me red
Pair this flannel shirt from Only with a pair of distressed shorts and you’re good to go!
Price Rs 1,295

Check your basics!
A basic pair of black jeans with this flannel shirt from Only, is the perfect outfit for a casual outing!
Price Rs 2,495

The original jelly is back! From brands dedicated to selling jelly shoes, to celebrity fans and people in the city who realised that the all-weather shoe was perfect for the ongoing monsoon, this is definitely among the most recently remerging trends of the ’90s. And, to think they were designed because of a leather shortage after World War II in France!

Designer opinion
Designer Varun Bahl says, “Jelly shoes and sandals are a trend that I believe will slowly vanish.”

Aqua charm
Protect yourself from the rain in these aqua jelly shoes by CROCS.
Price Rs 3,295

Floral love
We love the floral print on these jelly ballet flats by Melissa Shoes!
Price Rs 7,500

Wear the trend
These jelly shoes by Melissa Shoes are not only handy, but will also look trendy.
Price Rs 4,900

This has always been a trend that ran the risk of being too much, even in the eccentric ’90s. Today, we would use soft accents of the trend instead of going all out.

Designer opinion
Designer Ritte Khanna of the label House of Bio, tells us, “Courtney Love made fashion news by pairing a leopard print jacket with her grunge look in the ’90s! Now, I think Beyonce rocks the trend best, pairing leopard print pants and a black top.”

So classy!
Pick up this sophisticated handbag from Da Milano.
Price Rs 10,999

Slim avatar
This Diane Von Furstenberg dress from Exclusively.in, will compliment a petite frame really well.
Price Rs 23,800

Versatile appeal
This jumpsuit by Rena Love is one of our favourites!
Price Rs 3,400

Well rounded
These leopard printed shades, by Dorothy Perkin for Jabong.com, will jazz up a dull outfit.
Price Rs 890

Could you get through the ’90s without a blow out? Designer Akassh Agarwal of the label Subhashni, says, “The ‘90s were all about big puffy skirts, big puffy sleeves and big puffy hair!” If you’re looking to mimic something close to that look, here are a few tips to rock that trend.

  • After a shower, blot strands with a towel, spritz a volumniser, and start blow-drying.
  • Section off the bottom layer of your hair into 1½-inch pieces and position a medium-sized round brush under the roots of one of the segments.
  • Roll it as you blow-dry, but stop right at the tips; tilt the brush so that it’s vertical.
  • Give it a twist so that your hair stays wrapped around it. Aim the dryer nozzle at it for a while and let the strands cool.

Alicia Silverstone was a style icon for several things in the ’90s and floral dresses were one of her staple looks. Floral prints such as sunflower and daisy are back in style, as are the iconic skater dress styles.

Designer opinion
Designer Hirika Jagani says, “According to ’90s fashion, floral skater dresses have made a major comeback. Audrey Hepburn is one celebrity who carried off skater dresses with a high bun really well. Today, I find Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut carrying this style off with élan.”

Diva style
Look like an absolute diva in this skater dress from Trendy Divaa.
Price Rs 2,495

The right print
We love the bold, floral print on this skater dress from Ownow.com.
Price Rs 4,500

Pastel hue
The neckline of this floral dress from UCB will help you rock a super feminine style.
Price Rs 4,500

Forget strobe lights and get over the ’70s hippie movement. The ’90s had grunge looks, but it also had its fair share of neon fads, beaded bracelets, rainbow colours and several fresh, quirky items courtesy hot shows such as Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

Designer opinion
Designers Shyamal and Bhumika Shodhan, tell us, “Neon became a fad during the ’90s and though it doesn’t work when overdone, it will always be around to add that pop of colour to your outfit. Karishma Kapoor carried this trend with élan in the ’90s and currently it’s Priyanka Chopra who’s rocking it.”

Cross it well
This sling bag from Holii is exactly what you need to complete a casual outfit.
Price Rs 3,695

Young & chic
Pair this yellow skirt by Alia Bhatt from Jabong with a plain crop top to look chic.
Price Rs 3,900

Go graffiti
Who said you had to pick just one colour? Go wild with this neon clutch from Exclusively.in.
Price Rs 3,550

Saucy shades
We love this bright, yellow hue! Choose from a range just as bright from Avon.
Price Rs 135

Soft hues
If very bright neon shades are not your thing, pick this softer hue from Lifestyle.
Price Rs 899

Okay, so we’re all guilty of rocking the tattoo style choker necklace synonymous with ’90s fashion, but we’re not going to wear that as adults! The choker has evolved through the years, but it’s still high up on our list of favourites!

Designer opinion
Designer Neha Goel of the label Nepra, tells us, “We saw several unique styles during the ’90s and they’ve come back to grace our wardrobe. Drew Barrymore caught my eye when she first wore the choker necklace and now, Rihanna carries off the style with panache and ease.”

High-end style
If you’re looking for a high-end piece, pick up this one by Manish Arora for Amrapali.
Price Rs 21,500

Tightly wound
Pick up this metallic chain choker from Ayesha Accessories.
Price Rs 1,198

Hot stuff
We’re big fans of this necklace by Manish Arora for Amrapali.
Price Rs 19,500

From pop princesses to music festivals, the denim jacket has come a long way. It earned a slightly bad reputation in the early 2000s, but with the emergence of Coachella-type music festivals, it seems like this trend is here to stay, even though the original trendsetters such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera seem to be giving it a rest.

Designer opinion
Designer Nishita Aggarwal tells us, “Denims and dungarees were a hot trend in ’90s, and are a very uptown girl style. Denim crop jackets with metallic studs have become pop fashion, with several fashion stores filled with denim shades.”

Super fit
Forget the oversized ‘90s fit and pick up this well-tailored one from Sisley.
Price Rs 5,999

Back in time
Nothing says ‘90s style quite like this denim jacket from H&M.
Price Rs 2,099

Biker chic never really went out of style, but off late, the leather jacket has been all the rage, even in sultry Mumbai! Pick PU or a lighter, leather knock-off though, because you will end up really uncomfortable in the real deal.

Designer opinion
Varun tells us, “This is a great winter fashion trend.”

A hint of colour
Leather can be super stylish! Pick up this buttercream Only jacket.
Price Rs 4,295

Back to black
Pick a classic with Only’s iconic black jacket.
Price Rs 3,695

Going matchy-matchy is often frowned upon, but the polo neck, crop top sweater and high waisted skirt, or the print on print trends were some of the biggest hits in the ’90s. If you style them right, you can rock the trend that’s back in the spotlight.

Designer opinion
Designer Sougat Paul of the label Soup, says, “Back in the ’90s, it was all about showing off your stomach with low-cut jeans and a high cut tops, but now, wearing a tiny tee doesn’t necessarily have to mean flashing your belly button. The trendiest crop tops now come with matching skirts that usually sit at or just below your natural waist. Reese Witherspoon was often spotted wearing several matching tops and bottoms in the ’90s and recently, Sunny Leone carried the look very well.”

Perfect match
This look is as ’90s as you can get! Pair a polo crop top with a pencil skirt from Only.
Price Rs 1,695 (skirt) and Rs 1,995 (top)

Fun & flirty
Pair this top and skirt from Sonam Parmar for a fun, flirty combination.
Price Rs 6,500 (skirt) and Rs 4,900 (top)

These went wildly out of fashion for a reason, and we’re not saying that you should rock harem pants, because we’re not fans of the MC Hammer look either. But, who would say no to a pair of comfortable, slouchy bottoms — especially if they’re well tailored?

Designer opinion
Shyamal and Bhumika tell us, “Whether it’s classy or cool, slouchy bottoms are perfect. They are available in varied styles that keep them in trend. From a night out to a brunch, and an office chic looks, slouchy bottoms will come in handy. In the ’90s it was Sushmita Sen who rocked this trend and now, it’s Sonam Kapoor.”

Print crazy
We love these comfy, printed bottoms from Shoppers Stop.
Price Rs 1,049

Metal chic
Rock a typical ’90s slouchy pant look with this pair from Ownow.com.
Price Rs 135

Comfort calling
Head to HyperCITY to pick these comfy, ink blue bottoms.
Price Rs 799


  • The sexy dark lip that’s still sported by celebrities like Jessica Alba.
  • The Rachel haircut from Friends — who could miss out on that one?
  • Platform shoes, just because we’ve all wanted something from the Spice Girl closet at some point!
  • Plaid skirts, because the school girl trend will never go out of style.
  • Feather accessories — just because we’ve all got a little boho chic in us.
  • Scrunchies — who stopped using these?!
  • Bandanas are back, mostly because of stores like Forever 21.
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