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B is for Bridezilla

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Weddings are full of promises and happiness, but they don’t come without their fare share of glitches and an angry bride is definitely not a pretty sight. Rhea Dhanbhoora and Gargi Bansod talk to some married women in the city to find out what almost ruined their wedding day and how they got over their Bridezilla moments…

Makeup mishap
Powai resident, Archita Kadambi (24), tells us that her moment of panic came right on her wedding day. She says, “Hair and makeup are the most important part of a wedding for a bride. So, I tried out several artists and decided to hire a lady who made me look the most suitable for my wedding. The makeup artist specifically told my mum to ‘keep everyone out of the bride's room’ while she worked, as she didn't want other people to interfere and offer their opinions on how my hair or makeup should be. Needless to say, nobody understood my need for privacy on the wedding day and I had a few of my friends and aunts sitting around me for “moral support.” I love my friends to bits, but on this day, I needed my time to get ready without people crowding me. My friends didn't get the hint, of course. The makeup artist was flooded with suggestions on how my makeup should be and I had only about half an hour left before the bridal photo shoot. My makeup was ruined. I was taken on to the stage and my to be mother-in-law gave me this very confused look.” That was all Archita needed to burst into tears and that’s when she had her Bridezilla moment. She ran into the room and refused to go back out for almost twenty minutes. The makeup artist salvaged what she could and although she thinks she still looked a little messy, her sweet husband told her she looked very pretty. “In retrospect, maybe I should have thrown my friends out in the first place,” she adds.

Colour coding
“Three days before D-day, I let go and didn’t allow anything to stress me out,” Kurla resident, Amanda Fernandes (27), tells us. However, wedding days come with their fair share of hiccups and the biggest deal for Amanda was that she had decided to plan the entire wedding without any help. “I didn’t have a wedding planner, so I was going mad trying to organise a wedding for 800 guests. I had to buy confetti, decorations and so much more. During my wedding mass, people were still calling to co-ordinate!” she exclaims. One of her meltdown moments came when she decided to design her own hymn booklets. She wanted them to be royal blue with silver writing on the cover and soft grey pages on the inside. When she saw what the printer had done to the test version, she was livid. He had changed the formatting as well as the colour scheme. She spent over two hours on the phone telling him exactly what she wanted. “On the day of the wedding, I got 40 copies of the booklets. Opening them, I saw that he hadn't changed the formatting. The heading was on one page and the content on another and if that wasn’t enough, the text colour was bright purple,” she tells us. She and her surprised husband decided to relax and give up on that. But, that’s not where it ended for her. She adds, “I insisted that my husband say his vows and not read them out to me, so he walked around practicing with everybody. When we were taking our vows, he looked at me and said, "I, Amit take you Amanda..." and he just stopped. He had forgotten his vows!” Normally, she would have been furious, but wedding magic took over and they all burst out laughing while the priest had to help a very embarrassed Amit find his place again.

Printing Problems
Working with a friend is hard, especially while planning your wedding. And when you think they have messed something important up for you, there can be some really tense moments. “About two months before the wedding, my cards were sent for printing. They were being designed by a friend in the US and printed in Mumbai. I was in Dubai at the time. When my mum picked up the cards from the printer, they were not the shade that I wanted at all, nor the one that was in the final file that was sent. My theme was orange and beige and the card came out pink! My first thought was that my friend had sent the wrong colour shade and we had one of our worst fights,” says Malad resident, Zelda Gomes (28), about her Bridezilla moment. After the anger had died down, her friend helped save the day – and their friendship. “She took the entire thing into her hands, spoke to the designer, explained why the shade they used was wrong and asked him to re-print more than 100 cards. At the end, everything was perfect and the cards looked amazing,” she says, telling us also that now that she thinks about it, she should have gotten a sample print-out of the card before printing out the entire lot.

Laugh out loud
Tardeo resident, Saranya Shekhar (30), shares a very funny but sweet moment of her wedding day. She recounts, “This is an incident which I will cherish forever. It’s a complete North- South meet like Dharmendra and Hema Malini. I am a Tamilian Brahman and my husband is a Sardar. So, we had two weddings — one in the Gurudwara and the other in a Tamilian style. I did wear a bindi and duppatta on my head for the Punjabi wedding which went very smoothly.” Now here’s the funny part. “It was my hubby’s turn to wear a white lungi for our south Indian wedding. My father and the pandit helped him drape it and everyone was surprised to see him in this avatar.” She smiles, “I had thought he wouldn’t wear it, but he did. When I came down in my bridal attire, I somehow couldn’t resist myself and instead of being a coy, shy bride, I burst out laughing! The sight of a Sardar wearing a turban on his head and a white lungi below was just too hilarious!”

No sweet nothings from hubby dear
“A few days before my wedding I had got a lot of pimples on my face, maybe because of stress,” says demure Mumbai Central resident, Sujitha Marnad (30), “So, I asked my beautician to cover them up. Being from a south Indian Brahmin family, our marriage ceremony goes on for six hours. Considering all that, she put very heavy makeup for me. I could not even look in the mirror before I went on to the stage for the ceremony.” What follows is a hilariously embarrassing situation for the poor bride! She says, “I was all nervous and excited for the antarpath ceremony and my fiancé was to see me for the first time in the bridal costume. Finally, he saw me and the first words out of his mouth were ‘kya hai ye... bhoot lag rahi ho!’ That's when I realised that everyone around me was also whispering about how I look and there was an overdose of makeup! I couldn’t wait to go back and look in the mirror.”

Dizzy Cold Feet
Mahim resident, Namita Shirgaonkar (29), tells us how, after a bout of cold feet, her wedding day started with a blur! She says, “We had a four year long courtship and I knew exactly what I was getting into. Everything was well planned, well orchestrated. It seemed like I was the happiest woman on earth!” And then it happened! She continues, “It dawned upon me three days before the big wedding day that I will be tied down with one guy my whole life. I know everyone gets cold feet, but at that instance it wasn't so simple, let alone funny! I felt like running away and even made plans to apply for higher studies abroad and leave immediately. My parents comforted me like I was a small child, took me out to my favorite restaurant just to convince me to not change my mind!” But did she manage to face the big day with a perfect start? Not so much. She adds, “That wasn't all, I even fainted, the morning of my marriage while I was bathing! The beautician had arrived and when everyone realised I was gone for over an hour, the situation got tense. It all happened at 5 am, when I am sure my husband was sleeping away to glory.” Her husband, the entire family and Namita share a good laugh now while reminiscing the jittery wedding day morning.

Just one thing right please
Churchgate resident, Monica D’souza (26), had not just one but a long list of things going haywire! She tells us, “I freaked out the day before the wedding. I couldn't sleep; I couldn’t imagine leaving home for so long! I called up my fiancé, Jason and told him I was not getting married and he could go do what he wanted!” The next day, the bridal entourage was late and Jason panicked, wondering if Monica had ditched him. She continues, “The makeup artist did my makeup wrong. People just kept coming in and out of the bedroom and the AC was on. I lost my temper and like a complete Bridezilla started yelling at them to close the damn door!” If this wasn’t enough, she adds, “When we got to the church and I figured that all the sheets for the mass readings were left at home. And the cherry that topped our wedding cake was when we got to the reception and the guy who was supposed to raise the toast was missing!”

Made of Honour
In her Bridezilla fury, Santacruz resident, Nafisa Lakdawala (26), almost fired her maid of honour! She tells us, “We were already behind schedule for the wedding and I had to go shopping for the wedding dress with my maid of honour. Very surprisingly, she got caught up with work! So much so that it was impossible to get in touch with her. She wouldn’t answer my calls and was unavailable for hours. I threw a mad fit! By the time she got back, it was too late. I was too pissed off to even listen to what she had to say. It didn’t seem so important then and I almost uninvited her to the wedding!” A nostalgic Nafisa continues, “It struck me, luckily, just before the big day! I suddenly remembered she had mentioned that on that particular day she was going for an important meeting with her boss. I was so embarrassed and immediately called her to make amends. I feel so bad for removing my Bridezilla frenzy on my dearest friend!”

Runaway bride
Powai resident, Akanksha Johri (27), almost didn’t make it for her own wedding. She says, “The Barat was supposed to arrive at 9 pm and I had just gotten ready at the salon, so I was already late. My brother's best friend was sent to pick us up from the salon, which was 45 minutes away from the reception venue. Finally my brother’s best friend arrived. He kept my suitcase in the trunk of his car and when he closed it, he realised he had left the keys inside and locked it.” Another car was sent for us from the wedding venue, but that was 45 minutes away. “Taking an auto would have spoilt my makeup and everybody around tried helping but it was all in vain,” she says. She was frozen with panic. Finally, she got an AC cab, borrowing money from the salon to pay it off. She finally reached the venue, outside which her own guests had caused a jam. “My friend, in a heavy saree got out of the car and stood there clearing the traffic, lifting the road dividers so our cab could enter. When we reached the main gate I lifted my lehenga and ran, in high heels,” she says. Talk about a close shave!

Floral rage
Bandra resident, Victoria Menezes’ (26), bridal day glow was not thanks to her joy but inner rage due to a missing florist. She says, “My flowers were delivered after all my guests had arrived at our intimate dinner. I had to extend the photo session to wait for the florist. This happened despite stressing the importance of the location and time of delivery — the idiot got lost for 45 minutes… inside a building! I had my Bridezilla moment when I told him to stay put and I would come to him, just so I could whack him on the head to reinstate his obviously missing sense of direction. My husband stopped me and the flowers showed up a few minutes later. ”

Fight Night
It would have been okay if Juhu resident, Karishma Khanna (31), wanted to behave like a diva on her wedding day. But, her brother had other plans for her. She says, “My brother went to pick up someone else with the car I was supposed to travel in! I started yelling at him so loudly!” We think Karishma’s Bridezilla moment was completely justified. She adds, “When he finally did arrive, he parked outside so I had to walk in my heavy lehenga. I started yelling again. He did bring the car in eventually, but only after banging it on the gate. Did I mention it was a friend’s car?” But, the fighting wasn’t done for the evening. Karishma adds, “Since I had a mixed marriage, my pundits also ended up fighting during my ceremony!”


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