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Pure indulgence!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We tried some of the latest spa treatments in the city, to tell you which one’s to try and which one’s to give a miss!
Name of spa: Areopagus- Temple of Healing
Location: Juhu
Name of treatment: Areopagus Ritual Massage
Price: Rs. 7000 + Tax
Expected result: The treatment is said to open up your pores, remove toxins and dead skin cells and make you feel energized and relaxed.
The process: You are made to change into disposable undergarments. 2 therapists instead of 1 start massaging and stretching your body as a warm-up routine and then apply hot oil on your legs, back, neck, shoulders, stomach, arms and head respectively, giving you a very relaxing massage for an hour and a half. The process also includes foot reflexology. The remaining half hour involves steam, Jacuzzi and a bath to clean off. A hot cup of lemon tea/coffee/tea according to your preference is served.

What we liked: The ambience, service and the fact that we were getting a great massage from 2 therapists.
What we didn’t like: It ended too soon! The massage should have been for at least 2 full hrs!
Verdict: Areopagus is a high-end spa meant for those who just want to get pampered and don’t mind spending a little extra for the ambience and service.
Name of spa: Antara Spa
Location: The Club, D.N. Nagar, Andheri (W)
Name of treatment: Hot & Cold Stone Therapy
Price: Rs.2500 plus taxes
Expected result: The Hot and Cold Stone therapy is a unique healing and relaxing treatment with basalt and volcanic rocks. The cold stone combination absorbs and retains heat especially in the monsoons when the humidity levels are at the highest. Cold stone helps in the contraction and retraction of muscles which takes care of ailments like back problems, knee problems, frozen shoulder, calf muscles aches and stomach upset. It also helps in detoxification and lymphatic drainage.

The process: It in a one and a half hour treatment followed by a steam and shower. The therapy, a combination of hot and cold stone massage begins with application of oil. It is followed by a slow massage with hot smooth stones. The same process is alternated with cold stones.

What we liked: The thought of alternating between hot and cold therapy might make you feel uncomfortable, however, the smoothness with which the treatment is carried out does not let you feel the temperature difference to a great extent, in fact, it is refreshing.
What we didn’t like: The treatment is limited to this season only!

Verdict: Since the treatment has been customized for the ongoing season, it is a must try for patrons of spa treatments.


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