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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Man vs. Wild: mexico
Bear Grylls is no stranger to extremes. He has served with the British Special Forces, explored the Arctic, and was the youngest British climber to complete a summit and descent on Mount Everest. In Discovery Channel’s hit series MAN VS. WILD, Bear shows viewers how to survive the toughest and most forsaken environments by putting himself in the position of a stranded castaway. Using his specialist survival techniques, he attempts to navigate his way through these environments and make it out alive. Discovery, 9 p.m.

Man eaters is a fascinating insight into the psychology of wild animals - and humans - revealing the precarious balance between man and beast, through the eyes of those who got on the wrong side of the natural world. Millions of people go on beach and wilderness holidays every year. But what people do not know is that wildlife attacks on humans are on the increase as more people move into the final domains of the wildest animals. Investigating six predators - Sharks, Crocodiles, Lions, Wolves, Tigers and Bears - this series demonstrates not only why animals attack humans, but also how people can avoid life-threatening encounters out in the wild. Animal Planet, 8 p.m.

The history of our planet s2: human planet
So far, the series has looked at how four geological forces have shaped human history. In this final programme we explore a completely new force; humans. It's easy to think of our impact on the planet as a negative one, but as we discover, this isn't always the case. But it is clear that today we have unprecedented control over many of the planet's geological cycles. The question is how will we use this power?" History, 10 p.m.

India: - mumbai terror attacks
On November 26, 2008 terrorist masterminds execute an intricate attack on India’s financial and entertainment capital, Mumbai. With a series of synchronized and strategically placed bombs, India’s largest city is set ablaze killing 173 people and wounding 308 more. The devastation is unprecedented causing authorities to fear that the development of a terrorist group in South Asia is on the rise. NGC, 10 p.m.

Living with a superstar – shah rukh khan
TLC presents an engaging series on the country’s biggest superstar Shah Rukh Khan – LIVING WITH A SUPERSTAR. In this unique television format, for the first time ever, viewers will be taken into the private and exclusive world of Shah Rukh Khan. In this episode, the audience is invited on an exclusive journey into the heart of the SRK’s castle, Mannat – the Superstar’s home in Mumbai. As he personally takes one on a tour of his sanctum sanctorum, we get to see his home through his eyes. But that’s not all. A Superstar cannot have just one address, and definitely not Shah Rukh Khan. We also gain access to his second home – in Dubai, and spend time with him and his family as he steals a weekend away from his busy schedule. Travel and Living, 11 p. m.

An out-of-this world case brings Brennan and Booth to New Mexico where they investigate human remain with extraterrestrial attributes. The victim is identified as a local UFO fanatic, know around town for her relentless search for alien life forms and whose latest `evidence’ leads even Brennan and Booth to re-think outside existence. Meanwhile, a local sheriff refuses to release the bones, forcing the team at the Jeffersonian to work via satellite, and Angela and Jeffersonian intern Wendell come clean about their relationship. Star World, 10 p.m.

Masterchef australia
Fiona, Daniel and Alvin were not given a recipe and could only rely on tasting the pressure test dish of schnitzel with chips and coleslaw before cooking. Alvin thought it was a pork schnitzel, which was correct, but Daniel and Fiona thought it was veal. In the pantry, Daniel then picked up pork, thinking it was veal. As well as confusing his meats and overcooking his schnitzel, Daniel used store-bought mayonnaise in his coleslaw and the judges decided he should head home. Star World, 9 p.m.

Gunahon ka devta
Arpita, a beautiful 19 year old history student is in awe of Avdesh. In a town, where women feel unsafe and unprotected, she dreams of being with a man like Avdesh who holds women in high regard will do anything to protect his lady love.Will their love story see the light or get drowned in the sounds of gunfire? Imagine, 9 p.m.







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