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This season shower yourself with gizmos

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hear it on Philips GoGear Muse MP4 player
The GoGear Muse comes in 8, 16 and 32 GB versions with a sleek 3.2-inch wide screen display. This large display offers a high resolution for superb video quality and crisp, vivid images, and a native 16:9 aspect ratio for perfect video display, without the quality loss that comes from scaling an image to fit the size of the screen. The latest GoGear Muse, Philips has been working on new exciting features such as SafeSound, Sound Personalization and LikeMusic. While using SafeSound, you can now enjoy an unconstrained listening experience. SafeSound technology analyzes your listening and informs you when volume levels and exposure may impact your long-term hearing. Once warned, all you have to do is press the ‘Safe level’ button and the volume is automatically adjusted to the safe sound level so you can enjoy your music at a safe volume– but your ears will still be filled with crystal clear sound. The GoGear Muse has already been recognized with a CES Innovations Award 2011.

Monitor with 2D-3D conversion technology

Samsung’s new 3D monitors and HDTV/monitors also allows users to enjoy 3D movies, 3D TV and user-created 3D content like 3D photos and 3D videos. In order to do this, Samsung has created a new 3D technology, based on 3D panels which are available only in Samsung displays. The proprietary Samsung 3D panel gives the 7 and 9 Series monitors a hyper realistic 3D playback, which makes them ideal for immersion in intense PC or console gaming, or for watching action-packed video content like movies and sports.

“With the explosion in entertainment content from 3D films, television and video games and the increased availability of 3D capture devices like cameras and webcams, gamers, home entertainment enthusiasts and content creators are demanding more functionality from their display devices,” said Young Bae, Director of Display Marketing, Samsung Enterprise Business Division. “Consumers will not only enjoy the latest in Samsung display technology for the best possible 2D experience with the 7 and 9 Series monitors but they will also be able to enjoy a wide variety of native 3D content and, on some models, even watch 2D content in 3D thanks to Samsung’s real-time 2D to 3D conversion technology.”

Samsung 3D LED Monitor SA950 delivers unbelievably smooth visuals through its 3D HyperReal Engine and the Real 120Hz speed, while also producing brighter 3D images. Samsung S27A950 has a diagonal of 27 inches and a Full HD 3D resolution. Because of the LCD LED technology, the contrast is incredible, making black clear and colours stunningly vivid in a response time of 2 ms and 120 Hz refresh rate.

Other features include the Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio and Photo Accuracy 100%, which indeed bring pictures to life. While the built-in 3D Converter and various inputs ensure that your monitor experience is truly expansive. Then factor in the eco saving modes with the new Energy Tree feature, and you have a next-generation monitor ready to go.

In addition, Samsung S27A950 is the first monitor that includes the technology of conversion 2D 3D. At the push of a button, Samsung 3D Converter transforms ones favourite TV programmes or movies with amazing 3D-depth.

Pen it down
Tablet PC’s are making waves and many electronics and computer giants are entering the market in a big way. But smaller players and new entrepreneurs are also vying the market. One such new player is Cregle. Their Penbook is a 10 inch Windows slate with a digitizer which happens to be a Windows tablet that gives a nod to the next-generation devices. With this device, one gets the freedom of Windows and its built-in application library, multi-touch and digitizer pen, replaceable battery, and side touch bars for custom input.

On can quickly access common commands with gesture-controlled touch bars. With a swipe of your fingers, you can adjust the screen’s brightness or use the bars to enter keyboard combinations such as Page Up/Down and Ctrl+Alt+Del. You can even use Touch Bar gestures to trigger a whole range of customized commands.

If you are not very comfortable with multi-touch then the Palm Rejection technology automatically disables multi-touch so you can doodle, take notes, and compose on your Penbook while resting the palm of your hand on the screen - just like you would write in a traditional notebook. It is a big plus for everyone and a game-changer for left-handers. The Penbook gives up to 6 hours of continuous battery life.

(The writer is with Global Features and can be contacted at [email protected])

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