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Monday, January 16, 2012

Post-marital healthiness
I have always noticed that when a girl gets married she looks healthier, and puts on weight. These physical changes occur in a few weeks or few months. Is it true that this positive reaction is just because of sex or there is some other reason for it?

It is not due to sex. It is possible that those girls who have a tendency to put on weight but have been restricting their food intake before marriage to appear trim, suddenly throw caution to the winds and let loose after marriage. And the marriage celebrations and dinner invitations after the marriage make it so much more easier to put on weight, especially in India.

Correct age for sex education
I am a 25-year-old mother. I do not want to make any mistakes while parenting my 2-year-old son and therefore I need some guidance. I wish to know, when exactly do children start becoming curious about sex?

Children are human beings and therefore sexual beings. All human beings are ‘normally’ sexual. From the very infancy children have curiosity about their own bodies, which is absolutely normal and healthy. It is difficult for parents to acknowledge this, just as it is hard for children to think of their parents as sexually active.

Young children often touch themselves when they are naked, such as in the bathtub or while being wiped and diapered. They have no modesty at this stage of their development. It is their parent’s reaction that tells them whether their actions are acceptable or not. Children should never be berated or made to feel ashamed of being interested in their own bodies. It is absolutely natural and normal for children to be interested in their own bodies. While some parents may choose to casually ignore self-touching, others may choose to acknowledge that, while they know it feels good, it is a private matter. Parents can simply make it clear to children that they expect the child to keep that activity strictly private.

  • Heart To Heart Counselling Centre runs Certificate courses in Counselling & Sex Education at 10 Jerbai Baug, Byculla (E), Mumbai-27. Tel: 22184528 / 9821093902. Email: [email protected] www.hearttoheartindia.net
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