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Monday, December 27, 2010

Unresolved Emotional Issues
I am a really sensitive person and I cry easily when I am hurt but I think my boyfriend is so sick of my unpredictable emotions that he doesn't want to be around me anymore. What can I do to get back to where we used to be?

I believe that you have a lot of unresolved emotional issues in you which could go as far back as your childhood. You need to see a counsellor to sort them out. As far as your boyfriend is concerned, since he is your boyfriend and not your counsellor, he probably does not know how to handle your emotions and is overwhelmed by them. That is natural and understandable.

If he knows that you are sorting out matters with a counsellor, he may find it safe enough to be in the relationship again. But if he does not want to stick by you while you are working through your feelings, then read the writing on the wall – you are better off without him.

Lost Interest In Sex After Hysterectomy
I am a 48-year-old woman. Three years back I underwent an hysterectomy operation. My ovaries are also removed. Doctor advised me to take hormone tablets (Premarin) for my lifetime. But after almost one and half years my family doctor advised me to stop taking the tablets as it may create some other problem. After that I have totally lost interest in sex and there is a guilty conscious in me as I am not able to satisfy my husband. In spite of taking medicine my BP is always high. There are mood swings also. Is there any connection between removing of ovaries and my other problem? Please advice me what should I do?

Ovaries produce female hormones (Estrogen and Progesterone). If the ovaries are surgically removed, it causes a rather abrupt “surgical menopause” as the female hormones are now not produced in your body. It is due to this reason that your gynaecologist advised you to take hormone supplements. On the advise of your family doctor when you stopped taking the hormone tablets, you started producing menopausal symptoms which are inevitable for every menopausal woman due to withdrawal of female hormones. The loss of interest in sex, mood swings, fluctuating BP are the symptoms of menopause.

Menopausal symptoms can be managed successfully with treatment. I advise you to consult a gynaecologist for the management of your menopausal symptoms.

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