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Friday, October 21, 2011

If a man is unable to pull the skin on his penis to expose his glans penis, how does it affect his sexual performance?

The head of the penis (glans penis) is the part of the penis that is most sensitive to sexual stimulation and has the most nerve endings (neuro-receptors). A man enjoys sexual stimulation better, if his glans penis is uncovered by the foreskin during the sexual act. Ideally the foreskin needs to get retracted on erect penis, enough to expose the whole of glans-penis. This may either happen on its own on full erection or one may have to do it manually before penetration. Both ways it is normal and fine. If the retraction of foreskin is not possible or painful, then it is a medical condition known as ‘Phimosis’. This condition requires a surgery known as ‘circumcision’. However this can be decided only after examining the patient.

There is always a fear of person developing paraphimosis (a painful surgical condition) during intercourse if foreskin is getting retracted incompletely.

Feeling like an amateur
My 22-year-old girlfriend has more experience than me (I am 23) and I want to turn her on but I have only done it once and I feel like an amateur and I get nervous when things get hot. Any suggestions?

If you are talking about casual sex, then the heart is not involved, with the result that there is a need to impress and score points because of a fear that you are being evaluated against others. If your girlfriend is also with you for a casual fling then she could very possibly be ‘rating’ your performance.
However, if both of you are deeply emotionally involved with each other and are committed to each other, then there is no cause for fear. Sex is beautiful only if it is the culmination of a heart connection and even so, it is just one of the many ways to share intimacy with each other. So, if your girlfriend truly cares for you she will love and accept you for who you are and not for the type of sexual feats you can perform. Relax and do not be in a hurry to consummate this relationship. Know each other better and let nothing less than true love turn both of you on.

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