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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sex during Pregnancy
Q: I am a 23-year-old married woman. I am expecting my first baby in five months’ time. Can we engage in sexual intercourse during my pregnancy?
A: Intercourse during the initial six to twelve weeks of pregnancy as well as during the last eight weeks of pregnancy is not advisable. During the fourth to seventh month of pregnancy, intercourse is allowed unless you are otherwise advised for medical reasons. Avoid the missionary (man-superior) position during pregnancy. You may try ‘woman superior position’ or ‘spoon position’.

Father Factor

Q: I proposed to a girl who is also interested in marrying me. In fact, she loves me too! She fears her dad 'may' not allow her to marry me as he is "unpredictable". She herself was not able to understand him! What can we do to go ahead and marry?

A: You have not specified your age and the girl’s age, so I presume that both of you are of the ‘right age’ to marry, which means that both of you have completed your academic education, well established in your respective careers and are able to financially support yourselves. Marriage is a serious commitment and both the partners must be ‘willing and able’ to shoulder all the responsibilities that come along with it. Therefore, if both of you are ‘willing and able’ to take on the responsibility of marriage, then no one should or can come in the way. Of course, it is always better to have the blessings of the family. In this context you could arrange a meeting with her father to seek his blessings after she breaks the news to him. If he gives his consent happily it is good, if not, then both of you must emotionally prepare yourself to face your first major challenge together. Life is full of ups and downs and both of you need to be emotionally equipped to meet all that life doles out to you. Whether both of you can weather storms together successfully will determine the success of your marriage.


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