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Monday, February 28, 2011

Blood mixed with semen
I am a 35-yr-old male. I am married and have an active sex life with my wife since the past two years and have sex four or five times a week. During the past four months, blood mixed with semen comes out occasionally. I don’t experience any kind of pain after, during or before sex. Do I have a problem?

The bleed noticed during intercourse could be originating from either of the partners (or even both). In your case it is necessary to first find out where it is coming from. It could be originating from your wife, as you do not experience any pain before, during or after sex.
If you confirm that it is originating from you, if you have noticed it during masturbation, then it needs further investigation. An occasional bleed, particularly when you have ejaculated after a long gap could be passed off as innocent and does not need any treatment, as it is a common transient phenomenon. However, if it is a persistent occurrence, then it definitely suggests either an injury, inflammation, infection or even growth in your uro-genital tract which needs a thorough check-up and some investigations. Do consult an uro-surgeon for professional help. 

Hard work and Perseverance
I’m a 19-yr-old Tamilian youth…my problem is that I feel insecure about my future. I feel the pinch of love, respect, recognition from my family as they don’t treat me like a 19-yr-old. They don’t give me enough responsibility which makes me feel I’m good for nothing….I have lot of expectation from my life.... What should I do? Please help.

You are only 19 and have an entire life ahead of you. I know you have dreams for your life, and many of them can come true by virtue of sheer hard work and perseverance. Respect and recognition often come along with achievements. However, do not hanker after, or be dependant on love, respect and recognition from outside. Strive to respect and recognize the genuine efforts you put in everything, and more importantly love yourself irrespective of your achievements. It is good to have long-term and short-term goals. As you take every step towards your short-term goals, remember, that the same step is towards your long-term goals. Today, you are a student, so your immediate goal is to sincerely commit yourself to becoming a graduate. Give yourself a pat on the back on charge on!

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Blood mixed with semen
Dr. Rajan B. Bhonsle, M.D. (Bom)
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