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Friday, February 11, 2011

Menstrual pain and sex
Is it true that sex cures menstrual pain? Does sex during menstruation have anything to do with developing and/or contracting STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)?

There is no truth whatsoever to the rumour that sexual intercourse cures menstrual pains. On the contrary, intercourse during menstruation can heighten the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV/AIDS. Menstrual blood is a very rich medium in which micro-organisms can grow very rapidly.
If a menstruating female has sexual intercourse with a male who is infected with an STD, she is more likely to get infected than during other times of her monthly cycle. In addition, she is likely to get a more severe infection when she is menstruating. This is because the mouth of the uterus (cervix) is wider than usual at this time so that the menstrual blood can flow out easily. The micro-organisms of STD can travel up into the uterus and fallopian tubes and can cause an infection high up in the female reproductive system. This can result in infertility.
For the male, having sexual intercourse with a menstruating female is also very risky. If she is infected with HIV, her menstrual blood will be very rich in viruses (HIV).

Matching blood groups before marriage
How important and medically relevant is it to match blood groups of the couple before their wedding?

Blood group matching before marriage is given undue importance by some ill-informed people. It carries importance only to the point, that if ‘Rh factors’ of both the partners are not matching, it can be harmful for the second child of the couple. However, if such incompatibility is known beforehand, precaution may be taken to avoid any harm to the second child. An injection of ‘Anti D Immunoglobulin’ to the mother immediately after the birth of her first child (or first abortion) is all that is required to prevent any harm to the subsequent pregnancy.

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