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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dream about climaxing
I have been married since six years, and I have a son too, but till now I have not experienced orgasm. I dream about experiencing climax but have never experienced one. Is there any technique or method you can suggest to fulfill my dream?
You need to assume the ‘woman on top’ position during intercourse so that you can stimulate yourself in a manner that takes you to an orgasm. Your husband will enjoy anyway. It is also advisable that both you and your husband see a sex counsellor for a single session in which you and especially he, will be educated about foreplay and the other needs of a woman. Relax in your sexuality and be free during intimacy, then only will you touch the heights which you dream of.

What is G-Spot? My patients ask this question very often and I find no answer in medical books.

‘G–Spot’ is an area of increased sensitivity within the vagina, with maximum potential for sexual arousal. It is supposed to be located on the upper vaginal wall about two inches from the external vaginal opening.

G-Spot got its name after it's discoverer Ernest Grafenberg, a German gynaecologist, in 1950. It has been described as a mass of tissue about the size of a small bean in the unstimulated state. If present, a woman will be able to pinpoint it by sliding her finger(s) with forward, backward or side-to-side movement. With increased and intense stimulation the tissue purportedly swells to the size of a mini ball and becomes firm. If the stimulation is continued she will climax.

There is not much information available about the G-Spot simply because experts are unable to pinpoint and label the area, nor can they locate the nerves that trigger the response. The existence of this spot is also not accepted by many authorities.

Please note that the G-spot is more for academic discussion than for practical use.

There are conflicting results from studies done to locate the G-spot. Ladas, Perry and Whipper, authors of a book about the G-Spot, state that examination of more than 400 women identified the G-Spot in each one. But the studies at the Masters & Johnson Institute proved otherwise, where less than 10 per cent of a sample of over 100 women who were carefully examined had an area of heightened sensitivity in the front wall of the vagina or a tissue mass that fit the various descriptions of this area. Another recent study by Alzate and Londono, also was unable to find evidence supporting the existence of the G-Spot, although many of the women studied showed signs of erotic sensitivity in the front wall of the vagina. Thus, at present, it seems that much more research is needed to establish whether the G-Spot exists as a distinct anatomical structure.

The “spoon position” would be the best position for the stimulation of the front wall of the vagina where the G-spot is thought to be present.

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Dream about climaxing
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