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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Discriminate and discern
Q: I am in love with a girl who is 10 years older than me and married. I am madly in love with her and I know that it’s not infatuation, it’s true love. I expressed my feeling to her and she told me that she can’t marry me but can be a very good close friend forever. I can’t marry another girl other than her, and I can’t live without her. Please advice me something as my life has become a hell. I can’t sleep or concentrate in anything.
A: The biological man in you is feeling attracted to a biological woman. That is a natural occurrence. But a human being is not just confined to his biology. He has been gifted with “discrimination”, something that animals do not possess. Use this power to discriminate and discern, and you will see for yourself that nurturing thoughts about this woman can only leave you psychologically de-stabilized with immense psychological scars. You have got yourself into this emotional mess and now you have to actively get yourself out of it. The line between fantasy and reality is blurred in your case. Get out of your fantasy world immediately and step into reality. Stop craving the moon, it can never be yours. In the bargain, you are losing out on the joys of the earth. Do not nurse or nurture, but in fact ‘actively’ discourage thoughts of this woman. Fulfilling and meaningful relationships are awaiting you in the real world, if only you will open your eyes to them. Get socially active, join a few classes and mingle with people of your age. There are a lot of attractive young women of your age out there if only you will come out of your make-belief world. Make an active effort to be available to newer ‘real’ relationships. Also focus your energies on career-building and other creative pursuits. You have a long way to go, so work towards creating a fulfilling and meaningful life for yourself.
Penis Size Issue
Q: I am a 20 year old boy facing problems regarding my penis size. Though it is about 5.2 inches in length on erection, but it is too small and has very less girth when it is flaccid. Please help to increase the girth and length of my penis in its flaccid state.
A: There are no pills, injections, diets or techniques to increase the size of your penis. You also need to know that the size of the penis neither determines the pleasure of a male partner nor does it affect the pleasure of a female partner. Though all penises are different in their flaccid state, they become much more similar in size, when they get erect. In men, only the ‘Glans-penis’ is sensitive to erotic sensations. The shaft behind the glans is incapable of feeling erotic sensations. So the pleasure of the male partner does not depend on the entire length of the penis, but depends only on the sensitivity (and not the length) of the glans-penis.
In women, only the outer 1/3 rd (about 2 inches) of the vagina is capable of experiencing sensations. In that case, if the erect penis is even two inches in length, it is adequate to satisfy the female partner.

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