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Troubleshooting with flush tanks

Saturday, September 11, 2010

 Firstly, let’s figure out how the flush tank works; there is a stopper ball in the tank that stops the water from trickling down in the bowl until we finally flush. When we flush, this stopper ball is lifted out of its place by a trip lever and the water is flushed in the bowl.
As the tank empties, the stopper ball slips back to its previous position and the floating ball descends opening the inlet valve due to which water starts filling in the tank.
Tips for common issues:
  • The most common problem lies with the valves. It’s either the inlet valve failing to close because of some defect or the stopper ball is not properly adjusted in its seat due to which the water continuously keeps trickling down the bowl causing water wastage and the tank never gets filled making it impossible to flush. So, what you have to do is check to see if the stopper ball is out of its place, and if not, align it in its proper place and the water should start getting filled in the tank again.
  • Weak flushing is another problem that most of us have to face very often. This could be because of some dirt clay deposit at the bottom of the tank. Try cleaning up the entire tank. Another problem could be with the handle of the flush tank, it may not be able to lift the flush ball high enough. What you can do to fix this problem is simply bend the lift wire to make it short enough so that the flush ball lifts completely.
  • Condensation on toilet tank in winter when the water running through the pipe is colder than usual and a little warmer temperature of the bathroom makes the tank sweat. A simple and quick solution to this would be fitting an absorbent cover on the outside of the tank or by putting an insulation sheet around the lining of the tank. Another thing that you can do is add some warm water in the tank to reduce the temperature.
  • Dropping water levels in the bowl is another common problem. In this case, it could be either a blockage in the drainage pipe that needs to be cleaned or a leak in the pipe opening to the base of the toilet. Check to see if there is any leakage in the base area or if the bowl ring has popped open and will have to be sealed for the problem to be solved.
  • Finally, there could be a crack in the toilet bowl causing the decrease in the water level.

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