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Getting organised with cane baskets

Saturday, September 24, 2011

For the unorganised, a baskets provide for the perfect storage option. Get yourself a set of baskets for keeping your wardrobe well organised. You could also place it in the corner of your room to store day-to-day things of use.

Baskets are also great for someone who has less storage space in house and has poor little by way of space options.

Unlike stashing-under-the-bed type plastic boxes, they’re perfectly good for people looking for storage space that can be propped up for display too.

Homemaker Suvarna got a set of baskets, all of different sizes, which she uses for different purposes like storing her child’s toys, important documents and her jewellery.

For someone who is always has a problem keeping his/her wardrobe straight, baskets can be a blessing in disguise.

They can be used to compartmentalise one’s wardrobe. help one keep his/her wardrobe organised and ensure everything stays in order.

“I have placed baskets in my wardrobe and created separate sections for different clothing,” says BMM graduate Sudeepa Sadanand. “I am not the most organised person and these baskets help me keep my things in one place in my wardrobe.

“So, even if I end up messing one basket the others still remain organised and I don't have to clean the entire cupboard again," she adds.
The best thing is, a cane basket is extremely durable and cheap.

The ones with little bit of frills can be a little expensive but even those are not that costly. There are various options to choose from when it comes to patterns and sizes.

One can opt for a basket with a lid; an open basket;  basket with handle or chest-type basket or a bucket-shaped basket which can be used to store papers and project diagrams or plans. You can easily get any of these baskets in different sizes.

A basket can add style to your décor; be it contemporary, modern or ethnic. And it is this quality that makes these baskets a perfect choice for everyone. One doesn’t have to think twice before picking one up for his/her room.

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