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Your Wall Game

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

You’ve just bought a shiny new television set, but aren’t sure where to put it without it looking like a sore addition to your home. Kripa Kataria & Pearl Mathias help you out with some easy décor solutions to work with

Even though we may not watch a lot of TV, none of us can do without that shiny, black rectangular element in our homes. Ironically, when it comes to designing our homes, not many know what can be done with and around our television set. So, it’s time to address the elephant in the room and see how we can incorporate it into our aesthetically decorated abode. Although, decorating your television wall can be tricky business, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You don’t have to stick your intimidating, large TV set on a wall and dismiss the surrounding area right away! Read on for a few easy ways to make the space around your television set appealing to look at.

Guilt-free décor
You hate the fact that your television set is mounted on the wall all by itself and has unruly wires around it, yet you don’t know what to do with it! You could fit at least two cupboards beside it, but you’re afraid they might look shabby. Well, let us tell you that wires look shabbier! What you’re looking for is glass — clear, painted or vintage cabinets, in keeping with your interiors. They ensure optimum utilization of your space; and you can always store your crockery or vases in them. You could also have a cabinet below the TV as a storage space, which is also a great way to hide all those messy wires! “Most of our family time is spent in the living room, and so the living room should give us a sense of peace. But, when it comes to home décor, the most painstaking part is to make arrangements for your TV unit, because you have to make sure that the cables, wires and switches do not interfere with the décor of the room,” Jamila Chahwala, architect at Aesthetic Designs, tells us.

Styles that stand out
“Decorating your television wall is one of the most important aspects when it comes to your living room or bedroom, as it adds an element of luxury to your décor. To give it an international look, use Italian marble cladding on the panelling for the space for your TV. You can also use backlit Italian marble, especially onyx marble; it looks amazing!” says Yogesh Tirloatkar, architect at Geopreneur Design Studio.

Expensive styling comes with multi-beneficiary qualities. For instance, using fabrics as panels will transform your wall beyond lavish extravagance, and at the same time will also possess qualities such as soundproofing. “Panelling comes in two types — fabric and leather. Fabric panelling is extensively used for soundproofing the area, whereas the leather panelling gives a rich and pleasant look. Veneer, laminated and wood panelling can be done to give the area a soothing look. Using ACP sheets and back-painted glass for panelling are a few more options you can consider while decorating,” says Yogesh.

Zen mode
If you like to keep it minimal and single-toned but creative, personalise your wall with tiles or pieces of art. Use decorative pastel-coloured clay plates, embossed white-washed canvases and textured wallpaper to give it a subtle yet creative design. “To help your television blend seamlessly with your décor, just embrace it as part of a gallery wall. Surround your TV with meaningful art, family photographs and collected objects. These can be placed symmetrically around the TV or in a fluid or random pattern, depending on the mood you would like to create in the room,” Jamila says.

Hide & peek
“Sometimes the best way of dealing with a design problem is to eliminate it. If you simply can’t stand looking at your TV, find a way to hide it! I love the idea of attaching a flat screen to the inside of a coffee table or hiding it behind artwork or custom sliding doors. These might not be the most convenient solutions for those with complex television viewing needs, but for those who prefer minimal screen-time, these are fantastic and affordable options to hide your gigantic TV sets that occupy a lot of space,” Jamila says. Talk about the TV behind the curtain. Well, not literally, of course!

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