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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Do you feel embarrassed to carry a lunch box to work because you think it makes you look like a school kid? Jeet Dalvi talks about stylish lunch boxes and innovative water bottles that you’ll be proud to sport at work

Is lunchtime at work an uncomfortable period for you because of your food, and more so your lunch box? It needn’t be anymore. Picking a good lunch box can do wonders for your food (one of them is keeping it fresh until it’s time to eat it), and choosing lunch options that look great also up your style quotient and your lunchtime confidence. Here, we pick out a few of our favourite bottles and lunch boxes, available online, that will make your lunch break experience a pleasant one!

Fruity and healthy

A water bottle that not only stores your water, but also lets you infuse it with a hint of fruity goodness. That’s what this AdNArt Flavour It water bottle with a fruit infuser gives you. The wide infuser tube has plenty of space for a variety of fruits, which sets the stage for endless flavour combinations. Simply add the fruit or herbs of your choice and shake, or allow settling overnight in the fridge for more flavour.
Price Rs 1,997

Uptown funk
If you like everything stylish, this funky Aquarius Vintage TV embossed tin lunch box with a ’70s-style graphic print is going to make you the most popular person at the lunch table!
Price Rs 802

Water-tight solution
Don’t you hate it when your tasty food leaves oil stains not just on your bag, but all over the place? This leak-proof translucent lunch box from Bentology with five containers is your saving grace! Large, yet incredibly easy to carry, this box will spare you the lunchtime horror of spilling oil all over everything!
Price Rs 4,106

Hot and cold
Want to have a chilled drink of water? Check out this Pigeon Playboy Sport water bottle, which serves as a thermos to keep your water cool for long. It’s stylish and super easy to carry.
Price Rs 288

What if we told you that your water bottle can become an amplifier whenever you’re in the mood to rock out to some music? Here’s another technological innovation that we’re sure makes a great addition to your lunchtime — the Asobu, a silicon hydra bottle from AdNArt. This bottle with a sport lid is sure to get people staring at you (with envy, of course). Pick it up before it goes out of stock!
Price Rs 1,804

Grand style
Here’s a taste of luxury and a definite must-have. Whether you take it to work, on a road trip or even when you go camping, it’s perfect for any occasion! The only rule is that you’re no longer allowed to make fun of the guy who brings his lunch to work in a brown paper bag.
Price Rs 500

Big fiesta
If you love sharing your food with your office mates, you’ll need a large box to accommodate your lunch. And, this Cello Max Fresh lunch box is it. Look no further with this little kitchen of your own — you can have it all!
Price Rs 690

If the staff at MacD’s or Subway knows you by name — we shouldn’t have to be the ones to tell you it’s time to stop feeling special — you need to break the habit of eating out. And, don’t forget to plug that bleeding hole in your pocket while you’re at it! We know that calling for lunch is easy, and it saves you the trouble of having to cook a meal for yourself every day, but get this: a Rs 100 burger might seem like a small expense, but the effect of eating out is financially cumulative and you can end up spending a sizeable chunk of your salary on food. A chunk that you could easily be saving! So go ahead and pick from our snazzy options and you’ll be the talk of the office cubicles.

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