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Wrapp’d Up!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gifting is a source of anxiety for many of us, but Nischint Sanghavi is here to help. Anindra Siqueira speaks to the co-founder of Wrapp’d, the first of its kind online gift registry in India, to find out more about the platform]

Registering for gifts is a very common occurrence in places like the USA. It’s almost entrenched in the culture there. While the concept seems out of place in a country like India, there’s no reason it should be. That’s the thought behind Wrapp’d, an online gift registry. We were curious about the concept, so we logged on to see what all the fuss was about, and we can tell you that it makes sense. To find out more, we spoke with one of the founders, Nischint Sanghavi.

  • You recently launched Wrapp’d, an online gift registry service in India. Tell us more about it.

With Wrapp’d, our company Veranta Labs has introduced the popular international concept of gift registries to consumers in India. Wrapp’d is an attempt to provide customers with an easily accessible way to avail of gift registries across the country. A gift registry is simply a list of products that has been prepared by a gift recipient and shared with near and dear ones. Wrapp’d provides customers with a one-stop platform that allows you to create a registry online through a few, simple steps, or simply to shop from specially curated items. People can create their own personalised occasion page on the website, pick and add the gifts from any e-tailer or physical store that they would like to receive items from, select the option of sharing the registry with family and friends and await their gifts!

  • What’s the process involved in the delivery of the items that have been selected as gifts?

The entire delivery process is managed directly by the website or physical store. Wrapp’d provides a platform that connects the gift buyer with the third-party website or physical store, and we then manage the entire gift list for the user.

  • Tell us more about the products listed on your website. How do you ensure good quality and authenticity (especially for jewellery) on the site?

All the products that have been listed on the website come from the top online shopping websites in India. We curate unique, quirky and popular products from across the web and then add them to our website. For jewellery, we only include products from the top five jewellery sites in the country, which have the highest quality and reliability. Apart from these, the user also has the freedom to add items they like from other online or even physical stores.

  • Apart from an online registry for gifts, people can also shop on your site. What was the reasoning behind adding this feature to the site?

The online space in India has erupted over the last two years, giving consumers unprecedented choice, which wasn’t available before. However, this has also become a bane, because it is becoming increasingly difficult to browse through thousands of products across multiple sites. We offer specially curated products that have been chosen by real users and specialists, because we aim to offer the best of the web in one place.

  • What were the biggest challenges for you when you were setting up Wrapp’d?

Our concept is unique and each new venture comes with its own set of challenges. For us, it was creating an easy-to-use website that’s high on functionality as well on aesthetics. We went through multiple rounds of changes to get to the desired result and we are still evolving. In our society, asking for gifts is not always appreciated, and it is a bit of a social challenge for people to give up on the stigma of asking for what they want. This was a difficult task, which we had to be careful about as we designed our website.

  • What do you see for the future of Wrapp’d?

Our main goal is to become one of the largest gift registry players in India and emerge as a formidable player in the competitive gifting space too. We are working towards becoming a one-stop shop for the best curated gifts in the online space in India and are also planning to add more features and get into deeper tie-ups with affiliates, in order to offer customers a more enriched gifting experience. To top it off, we also plan to launch our own unique products on our ecommerce platform.

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