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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Worried about what the monsoon might do to your furniture? Anindra Siqueira & Khevna Pandit tell you how to take care of your furniture during the rains, and bring you all-weather pieces to combat the rainy day blues

The rain can wreak havoc with your furniture, especially if it’s made of wood. And, since we expect the rain to continue lashing the city, we’re brining you a few tips to keep your furniture safe (and make it last) despite the heavy rains and moisture in the air.

Getting the basics right
The first step to protecting your furniture during the monsoon is to keep it away from water and moisture to prevent water damage. Sonali Mitra, Head — Pepperfry Bespoke & Business Development, tells us, “Move your wooden furniture away from doors and windows so it doesn’t come in contact with raindrops or leakages.” Also, don’t keep large wooden furniture such as cupboards too close to walls, as moisture can accumulate, causing damage.

Moisture is your enemy during this season. You want to keep it as far away as possible from you furniture. Sonali tells us, “Never use a damp piece of cloth to clean your wooden furniture. Instead, use a clean, dry cloth to prevent the accumulation of dust, which tends to absorb moisture and may soften and ruin wood finishing.”

DIY hacks
You can ensure that your furniture is minimally affected by moisture (which can lead to a build-up of mould and fungi), by using natural remedies. Place a few fresh or dried neem leaves in and around your furniture in order to protect it. You could also use naphthalene to stop mould and fungus.

Go all-weather
Wherever possible, pick furniture that will be the least troublesome during difficult months. Sonali suggests choosing wicker furniture for outdoor use, because it is lightweight and easy to clean. She tells us that even iron furniture makes a durable patio setup.

Keep your house well aired
It’s easy to overlook this aspect of home care. During the monsoon, with the heavy rain beating down, you will be forgiven for keeping everything closed. But that will only cause the rooms in your home to get stuffy. So, make sure that you let the stale, damp air out.

Taking care of silverware
Did you know that silver can get corroded if it is stored in damp, moist places? If your furniture has silver adornments, you will need to be extra careful during the monsoon. We asked Archana Kumari Singh, president at Frazer and Haws, for a few tips to help keep your silverware sparkling. She explains, “Silverware has always held a unique place among the decorative arts, but maintaining its pristine glow during the monsoon is a complex task. The excess humidity increases the level of sulphur in your silver, further damaging its sparkle.” While you can keep it clean and polish it at home,  Archana recommends getting it professionally polished. If you’re doing it yourself, however, she tells us, “Choose a good quality, non-abrasive commercial polish — either cream or liquid — and with a sponge or a soft cotton cloth, apply the polish in a gentle, circular motion.”

Worried about what the weather might do to your décor? We bring you a collection of great all-weather furniture so you can adorn your gardens and balconies on a rainy dayCatching up on nostalgia Add this classy outdoor set to your garden, or simply set it out on your porch or balcony for delightful evening conversations! Catch up on the good times and relax as this is perfectly suited for the season.
Price Rs.6,925

Sippin’ on sunshine
There’s nothing like having a hot cup of tea at this vine garden table on a rainy day! Garnish your well-pruned garden with this piece available in a bright lime green that’s ornately crafted to fit a modern household!
Price Rs. 5,145




Swing story
This swing chair gives you the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book. Whether it is on your balcony or your front lawn, you don’t have to worry about the weather as the cushions too are made of weather-proof material!
Price Rs. 10,999



Royal tea party
While you may think that this piece will require a lot of care, it is water-resistant and will be all you need while you sit back and watch the rain pour over your happy garden!
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Lounge away
Available in calming hues, this bean bag chair is a great addition to your poolside accessories! It’s durable as well as water and fade-resistant. Now, doesn’t that make you want to grab one right away?
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