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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Some may call them over-the-top, but these trends are bolder than ever, and help you make quite a statement. Pearl Mathias introduces you to the sunglasses that are all the rage this season

Eye-catching and often bizarre eyewear trends are hot on the runway, and almost always take the fashion world by storm, but we can’t help but notice a few less glamorous styles creeping into the spotlight that we’d rather buy into. With tinted shades making a comeback and oversized glasses that are here to stay, this year’s trends are anything but ordinary. Read on to find out more about some of the trends that caught our eye as well as some tips to help you pick out a good pair this season.

Oversized maverick sunglasses: Oversized sunglasses that cover a major part of your face are considered a safe option as they offer sound UV protection not just for your eyes but also the skin surrounding them. Oversized shapes coupled with kinky frames of different geometric shapes are turning out to be the new ‘in thing’ for fashionistas and style watchers. “Oversized sunglasses do not complement all kinds of faces. People with square and oval faces should avoid wearing sunglasses or vivid geometric shapes,” says I. Rahumathullah, managing director of Maui Jim India.

Minimalist style: Not everyone loves a conspicuous display of their accessories, even when they want to appear stylish and chic. Some people believe in making understated fashion statements and avoiding exaggerated frames with bright colours, funky designs and creative frames. The always-in-fashion aviators are a perfect minimalist style that comes handy. Rahumathullah says, “Single or double-rimmed aviators are elegant and sleek. Another notable trend is neutral grey lenses.”

A blue mirrored lens: If you find your regular dark-tinted sunglasses boring, the blue mirror lens trend will certainly appeal to you, especially if you love to experiment with your looks and have a preference for vivid and vibrant styles. Rahumathullah tells us that mirrored sunglasses instantly add a new flair of colour and style to your eyewear and are recommended for outdoor activities that expose your eyes to several beams of direct and reflected lights such as trekking on a snow-covered mountain, skiing or sea surfing for long hours. Even while driving on a bright, sunny day, flash mirrors on your sunglasses can help give you a seamless, glare-free ride on the road.

Burgundy hues: Sunglasses that have burgundy hued frames and coloured lenses are another hot pick this year. They add warmth and serenity to your demeanour. “If you’re an admirer of this shade and want to complement your burgundy outfit with colour coordinated sunglasses, you will find plenty of options to select from,” says Rahumathullah.

When you’re shopping for sunglasses, remember that a pair should protect your eyes. Don’t just go for style. First decide when and how you will wear them; then choose material, colour and style. Rahumathullah gives us some tips.

UV protection
Over time, sun exposure can increase the risk of cataracts, macular degeneration or glaucoma, which can not only seriously impair vision but may also be irreversible. Many sunglasses only block glare that hits the front of the lenses. So, remember to pick a pair that has an effective UV filter for the eyes and skin on both sides of each lens.

Lens material
Glass lenses offer the clearest edge-to-edge optics. However, these lenses are not designed for active sports where they may get bumped or fall off your face. While playing sports such as golf, polycarbonate or some of the new hybrid lenses are your best choice because they are lightweight and scratch resistant.

Lens colour
Lens colour will determine how you see the world. This should be based on the conditions in which you will wear your sunglasses. Neutral grey lenses offer the highest level of light reduction on sunny days. Certain colours are better suited to cloudy days while others are versatile.

Prescription lenses
Some people need to wear spectacles to correct eye defects. Others try tinted lenses, which may not transition well between light intensity changes. If you have a prescription, consider prescription sunglasses as they offer crisper vision than wearing contacts with sunglasses.

Not all frame shapes and styles suit every face type. For long days in the sun, choose a lens that cups your eye for maximum protection. If your face is oval, almost any style will be comfortable and look good, especially square-shaped frames with rounded edges. If your face is round, look for frames that make your face appear longer. Square faces do well in soft, curvy styles. Diamond and triangular faces look terrific in rimless styles that are oval or have a slight cat-eye design.


Rose tinted
We love this Grey Tortoise frame with Maui Rose Lens from Maui Jim’s SNAPBACK collection. The subtle rose tone is perfect for the season. Get it at optic stores across the city for Rs 12,490.

Beauty in blue
Ray-Ban’s Gatsy II is a hot favourite. We love the blue tint and the delicate gold detailing on the frame. Get it at for Rs 8,690.

Pretty in purple
The beautiful purple tint on this gunmetal grey gradient round pair by VINCENT CHASE is adorable for when you want to soak up some sun. Get these sunglasses from for Rs 999.

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