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The Shirts Every Man Simply Must Own

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A good shirt can make you look classy and stylish, so make sure that you have a closet full! Anindra Siqueira tells you about five shirts you must own and gives you a few quick tips to picking them right

If you’ve been looking for a few shirts to splurge on without any of the guilt, you’ll need to pick just the best — those that you simply can’t do without in your wardrobe. While there are numerous styles and fabrics, these shirts can help you lift your style from regular to extraordinary in a jiffy. Here are the five most important shirts you simply must have in your wardrobe.

The classic white
We don’t even need to tell you why this is an essential. Every guy you know (yes, especially Barney Stinson) probably has this shirt tucked away for a special occasion. Some guys love the classic white so much that they have it in spades in their wardrobe. And, why not? It’s an amazing ace to have up your sleeve. A classic shirt can pull together just about any outfit — from a suit to a casual combination with a pair of chinos.

The Oxford button down shirt
This isn’t something you would wear to a formal occasion, but this type of shirt is extremely versatile and can handle the instantaneous transformation of a calm night out into an energetic one. It is generally made of thick, rumpled cloth, but the thicker the fabric, the less dressed up you can be. So, it’s a good idea to choose a light colour, although it looks best in white.

Gingham style
It’s great to have a gingham (which is a fabric of medium thickness, with checkered patterns in white and a bold colour) in your closet because you can dress it up or down, depending on your mood and the occasion. You could play it safe with the tried-and-tested black and white, or you could be more adventurous and pick reds, purples or blues. This shirt can go from a formal office setting to a casual night out with your buddies in an instant.

An unassuming grey
It may not seem as though a grey shirt has anything to offer your wardrobe, but don’t be fooled by this unassuming shade. You can wear a grey shirt with black blazers, black sweaters and even navy suits. This type of shirt is perfect for a sundowner date and will make you feel as if you’re dressed up without much effort.

Light blue
Almost as amazing as the classic white and just as classy, a simple yet elegant plain blue shirt is another must-have. But, make sure that you pick a very pale light blue, because you want to exude class without looking gaudy. The light blue shirt offers you all the benefits of a white shirt with a slight touch of colour. Also, it isn’t as formal as the classic white, but you can still look dressed up in a pale blue shade.

Quick tips

  • No more than two Anything with more than two colours or two different line widths (in a pattern) on a shirt is to be avoided.
  • Stick with cotton Cotton will keep you cool, so limit the amount of synthetic added in, or avoid it altogether.
  • To iron or not The decision is up to you. Some shirts look better with a few wrinkles, while wrinkle-free shirts are the most convenient.
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