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The Right Foundation

Friday, October 28, 2016

It’s not easy to choose the right foundation, and with all the pasty colours out there, it could be even more of a challenge for those with dusky skin tones. Jeet Dalvi helps make your choice and application a smoother process

While we can’t say it’s ever been easy to find the perfect foundation for your makeup, people with lighter skin tones can sometimes get away with a shade lighter or darker than their own and a slapdash application process. For duskier skin tones, however, you need to ensure that you’re applying it perfectly to avoid looking obviously patchy, and it’s often harder to find the perfect shade. When you do though, there’s nothing quite as gorgeous! Whether you’re looking for the right shade or you’re confused about how to get down to applying it, here’s a step-by-step guide to helping you look your flawless best.

First things first; find out whether your skin is oily or dry, or a combination of the two. Different types of foundation work differently according to your skin tone. 

  • For oily skin: Use a matte foundation so that it can soak up all the natural oils. It will also hide pores and give you a smoother, more finished look.
  • For dry skin: If you have dry skin, make sure that you moisturise before applying foundation. Use a creamy foundation instead of a matte one. This will keep your skin moisturised and looking fresh.
  • For combination skin: If you have combination skin, you can use a foundation that will give you the effect you desire. Make sure that you use a primer after you apply foundation so that it stays on for longer.

As we know, undertones are the base of our skin’s colour. They could be cool, warm or neutral. You should choose a foundation that matches the undertone of your skin so that it doesn’t reflect awkwardly on your face.

Take two pieces of cloth — one white and the other off-white. Bring the pieces close to your face and take a careful look in the mirror. You shouldn’t have any makeup on.
a) If the white cloth looks better, you have a warm undertone.
b) If the off-white cloth complements you more, it means it matches your cool undertones.
c) If you find yourself confused and think that both colours match your skin, your undertone is neutral and you are one of the luckiest people out there!!

Is your skin lighter towards the centre of your face or around your cheek bones? Do the darker edges define your face? Depending on your specific tones, applying the wrong colour can ruin your look. Use two colours that are the closest match and mix them together thoroughly. After they’ve been mixed, dab the mixture over the centre of your face and smudge it out. If you get an even tone after blending them well, these two colours are your saving grace.

Indian skin tones are usually due to melanin in excess under the skin. This process is controlled by genetic disposition, so don’t worry about things like dark circles. However, while you are experimenting with your makeup, make sure that you conceal the circles, or it will make your face look uneven due to the difference in tone under your eyes and on the rest of your face. When you’re choosing a concealer, use one that is closest to or the same shade as your skin tone. If your dark circles are still a problem, try using an orange concealer. It is a great colour corrector for any sort of blemish on dusky skin.

Okay, so you’ve found the foundation that suits you best. What about applying it? Here’s how to ensure you’re doing it right.

  • Start with a clear, moisturised face: Use a scrub to wash your face and remove dead skins cells, leaving you with a clear surface to start off with. Apply a light moisturiser so that the first layer of foundation settles in smoothly. If your skin is oily, use a face priming gel.
  • Use a brush with a rounded edge: Using a brush spreads the foundation consistently and smoothly over the parts of your face that your fingers cannot reach. Use it gently instead of roughly brushing it over the sensitive parts of your face such as your nose and cheeks. Remember to blend the foundation in with your hairline.
  • Start with the centre of your face: Blend the foundation out and up starting from the centre of your face. Continue doing this until the surface of your face looks evenly blended.
  • Buffing your face: Use a sponge if you don’t know how to buff your skin. Blend the foundation in a circular motion to soften it a little. Don’t forget to buff around your jaw line and neck — a visible foundation line can be extremely embarrassing.
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