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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Given that we enjoy tropical climate, it’s a dream for many-a-Mumbaikar to own a pool. If you’re lucky enough to have one or are looking to incorporate one in your home, Trisha Ghoroi brings you some trends of the season to help you spruce it up

While the monsoons are still raining down on us in the weeks leading up to a hot October, we can hope that the months to come offer a pleasant respite from the tumultuous weather that we’ve faced. Given that the holidays are

soon approaching, a trip to a water park is definitely on the cards. But, if you’re tired of the large crowds and poor hygiene at public pools, why not bring the fun home? Pools aren’t reserved for large spaces alone; so if you’ve been putting off having your own pool due to space constraints, you can still find a way to incorporate one by designing it smartly. If you’re almost tempted to buy into this idea or own a pool that has been languishing in obscurity for years, here are a few tips to liven it up.

A tale of tiles

You might think that simple blue tiles are good enough for your pool, but why limit yourself? Use vibrant, colourful and quirky tiles to make days at the pool that much more fun. They also make for great pictures — ones that you will gladly look back on. When picking tiles, keep in mind that darker tiles makes the pool appear deep. A combination of blue and white tiles is best for deep water.

A seamless situation

If you have a big backyard, you might be tempted to create different sections for the pool, garden, outdoor lounge and dining area. But, here’s a better idea: Instead of dividing your space like this, try and connect all these areas. Create a large pool in the centre with a garden on one side. The other side could have a lounging space with a dining area. If you fancy a drink or want to unwind on the patio, you won’t have to walk far. Simply step out of the pool and everything you need is a few feet away.  

A shallow matter
We’re not referring to sloping pool beds, but how about incorporating a level or two in your pool? If you have the space, you could even make more than one section. These sections are ideal for kids to play in or just for a small dip (not a full-scale swim), or even for dipping just your feet in the pool. This design is also great for water loving pets.

Master of the elements

This may not be a new trend, but it isn’t out of fashion either. If you plan on having an elaborate backdrop for your pool with a waterfall and springs, automated water control is a must. Not only can you control the flow of water, some systems also include temperature control so that you can enjoy a warm swim during cooler months. If you’re willing to spend a little more, incorporate elements that will allow you to host a pool party — such as speakers and lights.

Take the plunge
If you’re short on space but still want a pool, a plunge pool is the one you should aim for. Made for small spaces, these pools are perfect for a warm day. If you want to jazz it up, place it next to a wall and build a waterfall that empties into the pool. With a sleek design and the correct lighting, your plunge pool will be your go to on a sunny day.

To infinity and beyond

We are all aware of this trend, thanks to magazines and travel shows, and we can all agree that this design creates an interesting illusion. But, if this seems overwhelming, why not tweak it a bit? Instead of having an entire edge of the pool designed like this, how about only the centre of an edge? This works best with circular or curved pools too.

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