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The Organic Alternative

Thursday, April 20, 2017

You’ve gone organic in the kitchen; why not try it in the bathroom as well? Pearl Mathias introduces you to the benefits of organic and vegan hair products

Going organic is all the craze these days, and although we’ve only just begun laying emphasis on caring for the planet as well as ourselves, there are beauty brands that are way ahead of us. Going vegan or organic isn’t only reserved to our food choices or clothing, but can also be implemented through the beauty products that we pick up. There are various organic brands today and there’s no dearth of products that will suit you, but when it comes to your hair, is it really better than the shampoos that lather easily and leave your hair smelling great? If you’ve been using non-organic shampoo for years, it may not seem easy to switch to greener products. So, read on to know what makes these hair products so special, as well as a few of our favourites that can help you get started.

Regular shampoos and conditioners contain synthetic chemicals that are harmful for your hair. At the same time, it’s not wise to trust a product simply because the label reads ‘organic’. To be safe from marketing ploys, there are a few things you should know about organic products. Apart from being devoid of chemicals, organic beauty products contain natural ingredients such as proteins, vitamins, essential oils and fruit extracts that are beneficial for your hair. What makes them less appealing is that they lack sodium lauryl sulphate (or SLS), so they don’t lather up as easily, which is something we enjoy. But, this doesn’t mean that they don’t cleanse your hair just as well. Add to it, they don’t test the products on animals, which is a huge bonus in our books.

Organic and vegan products give an impression of better quality treatment for your hair. The harsh chemicals and preservatives that are present in non-organic products don’t stay on your scalp alone. They seep through your skin, travel through your blood vessels and circulate in your body. This causes skin irritation if you have sensitivities and may even result in conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. So naturally, plant-based ingredients used in organic and vegan products are healthier for your hair. Although the non-lathering, scent-free products may take some getting used to, their benefits will make you want to keep using them.

Organic products may be expensive and they may not give you that familiarity you’re looking for in beauty products, but they do have a few benefits.

Good for your hair: While synthetic ingredients in traditional hair products coat your strands and lead to product build-up, further weakening your mane, organic products contain natural ingredients that help cleanse the dirt and oil from your hair without stripping it off its natural oils.

Good for your pocket: Organic and vegan products are value for money. Although you may have to shell out a few extra bucks, the results are worth it in the long run.

Good for the environment: Just as the synthetic ingredients present in shampoos and conditioners seep into your skin, they also go down the drain and seep into the environment with every wash. Since most of these ingredients are non-biodegradable, it’s wiser to use organic alternatives, which won’t harm the environment.

The next time you’re shopping for healthier alternatives for your hair, don’t be swayed by the claims on the front of the bottle. Check the label at the back for the following ingredients that you should avoid:

  • Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)
  • Ammonium lauryl sulphate
  • Parabens
  • Synthetic fragrance/ parfum
  • Alcohol (only if listed as one of the first four ingredients)

Here are a few organic and vegan hair products available in the market that you can start with.

LUSH Veganese Conditioner

A light conditioner that uses agar seaweed to soften hair, lemon juice to give your hair a natural shine and lemon oil which leaves your hair with a citrusy fragrance that lingers all day, this conditioner is perfect for dry hair. With lavender and rosemary, it also helps eliminate itchiness if you suffer from skin issues.

Price: Rs 3,040


Dear Earth Blossoming Orchid Nourishing Organic Shampoo

This light and watery shampoo has a fruity-floral aroma. It doesn’t lather up easily, but cleans off well. It helps soothe dry and rough hair, and tackles an itchy scalp as well. It’s a good option for nourishing and strengthening your hair, but you may need to use a conditioner after using this one. Also, if you have an oily scalp or have oiled your hair heavily, your hair may require two washes.

Price: Rs 450


Organic Harvest Hair Oil for Hair Strengthening

Enjoy spa-like serenity at home with this floral blend. With juniper berry, eucalyptus and Clary sage, this oil boosts blood circulation and relieves nerve endings. It also helps to treat thin and damaged hair. Lay back and enjoy a soothing head massage with this floral therapy.

Price: Rs 645


Aquaspark Watercress Hair Cleanser

Suffering from hair loss or stunted hair growth? This hair cleanser, which contains apple cider vinegar and aloe vera extract, will gently nourish your hair leaving it healthy and shiny.

Price: Rs 895


Forest Essentials Hair Conditioner

Enriched with rich and nutritive coconut milk, licorice, bhringraj and shikakai extracts, this conditioner works for intense hair repair and nourishment. Kalonji seed oil stimulates the roots, repairs dry, dull and damaged hair, and improves hair texture as well.

Price: Rs 1,295

Where: Forest Essentials stores across the city

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