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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

When buying a house, what may be ideal for you depends a lot on your personal choices. However, there are certain things that we all wish we could have in our neighbourhood. Jagruti Verma lists a few you should consider the next time you’re house hunting

Getting home to your bed at the end of a busy day is one of the most comforting things in the world. But, what is often ignored is the role a good neighbourhood plays in the creation of this comforting environment. And, while you may go about changing the interiors of your home on a regular basis, a neighbourhood works as a supporting force that adds a sense of permanence and belonging to your life. So, apart from checking if your neighbourhood has a good school and a hospital nearby, there a few other essentials that should make it to the top of your list. Here are some of them.

Distance & connectivity

Buying a house in an area that is still in the nascent stages of development can save you a lot of money. But, if you intend to live in this house, a transportation system in the making would be immensely helpful, preferably if it is likely to be fully developed in the span of a few years. Although it is a selling point that is often advertised by brokers, you should dig a little deeper and find out if these are genuine claims or just empty promises. And, of course, having a railway station nearby is always a plus point in Mumbai!

Readymade cities

More often than not, it takes ages for cities to develop into a space people call their own. However, with the rising trends of townships and city expansions, cityscapes are becoming a norm. They are readymade cities with all the essential amenities such as hospitals, schools and gardens within walking distance. If you are new to the city, these make for a great pick. However, if you have spent a majority of your life right in the middle of one, you may find it difficult to adjust to this made up culture.

The bigger picture

Although it is difficult to find an apartment overlooking a wide road, or one facing a plot of land that is demarcated as open space, these should make it to the top of your priority list. Because today, with buildings sprouting up in every nook and corner, the comfort of being able to have a view of an open space from your home, rather than someone else’s kitchen, is very reassuring indeed.

Lively or peaceful?

If you love the hustle and bustle of the city, you should pick a building with a surrounding market place area. It can be a great option for elderly people living alone as it would give them a chance to build a social circle that they may be silently craving. Alternatively, buying a house in a quiet neighbourhood that has a touch of serenity, preferably row houses and bungalows with acres of greenery all around, can be a great pick if you have recently retired.

Marvels & rents

With so many beautiful architectural marvels dotting the plush areas of the city, if you have that kind of budget, you may want to settle for nothing less. However, keep in mind that your options will be very limited when it comes to customising the exteriors. So, make sure you are really certain about buying a house in a neighbourhood that’s as old as time.


We asked people from around the city about their home-buying wish list for a happy neighbourhood. Dr. Rommani Sen Shitak, professor of mass media studies at Mumbai University, feels that all basic amenities as well as parks for a morning jog or an evening walk are a must. Mehejabin Sharif, a mass media student seconds that thought, adding that these gardens should have designated areas within them that are specifically meant for children. Most of the time, adults tend to use such open spaces for leisure and group activities, leaving little space for children to play in.

Nivisha Jain, a commerce student, stresses on how a good neighbourhood should have restaurants that are open late into the night. Engineering student Karan Padam feels that an ideal space to live in should have a community kitchen space where people can collaborate and cook on certain days of the week, promoting brotherhood in the community. Shambhavi Sant, an engineering student, also feels that celebrating different festivals as a community can help build good relationships with other people.

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When buying a house, what may be ideal for you de
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