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Friday, December 09, 2016

We’ve seen a lot of startling, bold and fabulous trends in the beauty world this year. But, as things begin to move from the runway to the streets with greater frequency, Rhea Dhanbhoora tells you what trends we hope won’t follow us into the New Year

Glitter made a comeback, coloured liners are in style again and twisted hair has never been more fashionable. Faux freckles and white winged eye shadow may have raised a few eyebrows, but did well in our style files too. We’re even willing to give the black-cherry lips and grunge black sparkle another chance. However, there are some trends that we’ve tried, but failed to get on board with. You may love them, but we’re hoping not to see too many of the following as we get ready for a new year in beauty.

We first saw this trend pop up with Miley Cyrus way back in 2015 — and we didn’t like it all that much then either. While we have nothing against armpit hair, we’re not really sure about the whole ‘dyeing it and using it as a beauty trend’ thing. To shave or not to shave is a personal choice, but as a trend, we’re leaving it behind in 2016.

These popped up as a trend on the runway in September this year, and even though the month is pretty close to the end of the year, we’re not looking forward to taking this trend into 2017 with us. We’re all for a pretty floral style and maybe even a well placed temporary tattoo, but sticking a bunch of flowers on your cheeks, lips and neck? Not so much.

Part of recent trend lists for autumn this year, red eye shadow is a tricky, tricky thing. As we welcome in the winter, we’re hoping to say goodbye to this style. If it’s applied subtly it could look like a bold sartorial choice. However, applying the hue on your lids and lash line, which the trend suggests, is a little too close to a sore-eye style for us.

Oh no, we’re not even close to getting on board with this one! Reds, yellows and greens may be perfect for eyeshadow, but for your brows? We love the thick brow style. We’re even on board with the dark, defined lines that have been doing the rounds through the years. But, we’re going to stop at a deep chocolate — maybe a very dark navy if we’re feeling plucky.

We’re on board with the coloured liner look as it makes its way back in style. However, summer this year saw a re-emergence of the ’90s favourite — coloured mascara. We’re not quite sure how we feel about it yet, but we don’t think we’re ready to take it into the New Year with us.

Think of it this way — you’ve just sprinkled glitter and stuck some stickers in your parting. Now, imagine getting it out. Regardless of how much time you’re willing to spend on washing your hair afterwards, we just don’t think this one is worth it. It’s quirky, and not particularly offensive, but it’s too gimmicky to last longer than a season.

This looks great on models, in magazines and even on film, but do you think it fits in with your daily life? It’s an uncomfortable look, and as if getting a mouthful of glitter isn’t enough to deal with, it’s also a little too much for street style. We’re not looking to get rid of this one altogether, but we’d prefer if it stayed in fashion spreads and on the runway.

No, really. As if sticking flowers on your face wasn’t enough, we’ve had to deal with them growing out of people’s nails too. Try doing anything practical with this style — we dare you! It’s hard enough to type with the fur nail trend that we just got rid of (we tried!), and the caviar nail trend left little bits and pieces behind us like a trail of breadcrumbs. The 3D bubble art was a fad we could ignore and we knew aquarium nails would be phased out eventually (with all those needles and injections, they just weren’t going to last), but this one, doesn’t even look good. Put the flowers down, people!

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