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Thursday, November 24, 2016

You’re giddy with happiness. Everything is coming up roses, and you just don’t know why. Jagruti Verma thinks you need to take this quiz to see if you’re head over heels in love

We understand the inner battle. You’ve been in love before, so you know that all this joy can’t just be because you like someone? However, you’ve only been dating for a short while and you can’t possibly be in love! If you’ve been walking on sunshine all day long, but are unwilling to accept what may seem obvious to close friends, you need to take this quiz to see if it’s that loving feeling or something else that’s making you feel this good.

Are you immediately drawn to a conversation when you hear someone talking about your crush?
a) Of course. Everything about my boo interests me!
b) It happens sometimes, but most of the time it is unintentional.

Do you have a friend who is in charge of feeding you details about your significant other?
a) My best friend is my detective; I get detailed reports almost every day.
b) My friends tend to tell me things, but I am not always interested.

Is there anyone close to them that you hate for no reason at all?
a) Yes, there is. I hate that they’re closer than we are!
b) Not really; I don’t really care.

Do you find yourself at a loss for words when you try to explain your feelings for this person?
a) No matter how much I try, I just can’t get words out.
b) I don’t dwell too much on things like that. We’re just dating.

Are there memories associated with this person that you can’t forget?
a) I remember everything, even our very first conversation.
b) Maybe I have a really bad memory. I can’t remember much!

Would you be willing to sacrifice sleep for a chance to talk to them?
a) Of course I would!
b) Sacrifice my precious sleep? You’re kidding, right?

When you’re lost in your own thoughts, do you imagine scenes where you are with them?
a) So many, I could become an author.
b) I have more than enough reality to deal with. Why daydream?

Do you find it difficult to stop talking about your feelings once you start?
a) I can’t stop!
b) I don’t even try.

Mostly As We think you’re completely smitten, and it’s high time you tell your partner how you feel. Although you should practice caution here. Take baby steps; you don’t want to freak them out if you think it’s still too early in your relationship!

Mostly Bs You can breathe a sigh of relief if being in love isn’t part of your five-year plan yet. Your relationship seems quite casual. The one you’re with at the moment doesn’t seem to make your heart beat faster. But, you could be masking your feelings, so think long and hard about these questions.

Here are a few more points that could indicate you’re in love, even if you got mostly Bs on our quiz. After all, everyone expresses themselves differently! If you tick more points than you cross out, you’re in love!

  •  The butterflies in your tummy have now become your best friends. The mere mention of that name is enough to make you want to see them.
  •  A simple ‘hello’ is enough to get your imagination going. You begin to love all the mushy ideas that you detested a while ago.
  •  Your life goals are now a tale of two people. It may be subconscious, but almost everything you do or want to do will be affected by their views and feelings.
  •  Distances will be a mere number and no hurdle will seem impossible to overcome. Their happiness means just as much to you as your own.
  •  Every day will be full of hope and you will feel happy when they do the smallest things. But, on the downside, you will be more vulnerable too.
  •  Complicated mathematical equations will seem easier. You crave for Mondays and workloads just so you don’t have to try and decipher your feelings for them.


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