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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Not your regular fluorescent bulbs, but some fun and elegant lights can add character to your home. Trisha Ghoroi talks about beautiful lighting styles you should try

You’ve put up art deco paintings, decorated your home with antiques and spent years collecting the perfect furniture. You feel that your home is complete. But, are you sure that you’re bringing out the best in your home by focusing only on its aesthetics?

What you’re missing is the right lighting. A standard fluorescent light bulb is not going to highlight your art pieces or cultivate a luxurious feel, even with high-end décor. It’s time that you spruce up your home by strategically placing different kinds of lights in your house. We tell you about a few kinds of lights that you will need to make your home seem more aesthetically pleasing.

The sconce
No, we’re not talking about an English tea-time cake. This type of light is attached to a wall and the light falls on the wall rather than directly on the area nearby. Traditionally, sconces were use to hold candles or oil lamps, but modern ones are electrical, and they come with different coloured lights and in a variety of designs. Wall sconces can be used both indoors and outdoors, and they give a room an old-world charm.

Try this: While several modern styles are available, none of them hold a candle to vintage designs, which will add a classy touch to just about any wall or corner of your home.

The Edison bulb

These old fashioned lights are an excellent way to add a rustic charm to your home. A big glass bulb with a thick filament that glows and gives off a very dim light, the Edison bulb is available in various shapes and sizes — and they even have different filament patterns. These are being increasingly used by restaurants to add an industrial feel to their décor, but there’s no reason why you can’t use them in your home.

Try this: Hang a few of these over your dining table using long, thick wires, which will give the space a tasteful accent. You could also use a single bulb with a hanging lamp shade to create a unique and captivating lighting piece.

Fairy lights

You may have seen these lights everywhere, from Pinterest projects to your friend’s house, but if you want to stand out, you’ll have to use them creatively. Instead of hanging them above your bed, place them behind the headboard of your bed for a better effect. You could also create decorative pieces by stuffing a glass bottle with fairy lights and using it as a night lamp.

Try this: Set up a string of fairy lights inside your cupboard to display your book collection. There are so many creative and innovative ideas to use fairy lights — your imagination is the limit.

Task lights

Generally used to help with particular tasks such as reading, these lights are essentially fluorescent bulbs that focus the light on a particular object. They are designed for your workspace, throwing light where you require it and not to illuminate an entire room. However, people have been using them in many creative ways.

Try this: Put them in your kitchen to brighten it up and change its entire look. Use cabinet lights (designed specifically to be used in the kitchen) to make your kitchen tables look prettier.

Floor lamps

They may seem strange and out of place, but floor lamps are a unique way to add a design element while, at the same time, filling a room with light. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs under the sun. You can place a floor lamp near an accent wall or a piece of art to highlight it. A curved one will illuminate your couch for when you wish to leaf through a magazine. You can even get a carpenter to make a quirky wooden frame for your lamp and place it near a wall.

Try this: If you have a passion for photography or stargazing, a tripod lamp, with a fixture shaped like a camera or a telescope, will show off your love for these branches of optics. They come at a hefty price, though.

Modern chandeliers

This is where you can go all-out and use your creativity to come up with beautiful masterpieces. While you can pick a store-bought chandelier (since they come in a variety of shapes and have really interesting patterns), you could even make your own if you’re the DIY kind. Using simple materials, you can create a stunning and eye-catching display piece. For a minimal look, a wire frame with a bulb inside it will look great. (An Edison bulb would work perfectly here.) Chandeliers are usually connected with dimmers for a pleasing effect.

Try this: Get some PVC pipes and pass wires through them. Use six pipes to make a snowflake-like shape. Attach one of the pipes perpendicular to the frame and hang it from the ceiling. Spray paint the pipes with gold or metallic paint to give your chandelier a more elegant feel. You can fix any kind of bulb you like.

Tripod lights

This is a particular kind of floor lamp and, as the name suggests, has three legs. This gives the lamp a more decorative look than the standard floor lamp. For a classy feel, pick one with polished legs and a dark cylindrical shade. This will reduce the amount of light it gives off, creating a mellow vibe. Place it next to your couch and enjoy your favourite book.

Try this: Get one with a spot light and exposed wooden legs, and place it near a bookshelf to create a dramatic look.

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