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Sweet Smelling Secrets

Friday, September 30, 2016

Want to know how some people smell good no matter what? Pearl Mathias decodes the secrets of smelling good all day long

We all know at least one of those people who, no matter what they do, manage to smell impeccable through the day, while you’re trying to conceal those wet patches under your arms from showing — and smelling! Whether they’ve just left the gym or are heading for a nightcap after dancing away at the club, they still manage to smell as though they’ve just stepped out of a rose bath, while we’re left wondering how they do it. Well, let us tell you that they’re not specially blessed with sweet smelling genes, but are privy to a secret formula. While showering regularly does play a major role, those who smell good don’t go about their day like the rest of us do. They know what to spritz on, but more importantly, they know how to spritz, in order to make their perfume last longer. What’s more? They not only care about what they put on their body, but also what goes into it. Here are a few tricks of the trade to ensure that you’re the one turning heads with your scent trail the next time around.

Spray, don’t rub it in
Spray your perfume on your wrists, the back of your neck or into the air and walk through it. Avoid rubbing your wrists together once you spray perfume or mist on. This causes the top note of the fragrance to disappear, leaving  only the bottom and middle notes, which is an incomplete fragrance.

Your hair also adds to the odour
Hair odour is the equivalent of body odour and happens when your hair is at its greasiest. If you know what we’re talking about, you probably wash your hair regularly, but if you don’t, you’re likely to be the girl with the super greasy hair that your friends are too chicken to point out. However, this doesn’t mean you wash your hair every second day; this will cause damage. Make sure to keep the greasiness in check and use a good shampoo.

Water is your best friend
This isn’t news to anyone looking to up their beauty quotient. Keeping yourself hydrated doesn’t simply contribute to your overall health, but also keeps your skin moisturised. When your skin gets dry, it absorbs scents quickly and dissipates them even quicker.

You are what you eat
If you want to smell good, what goes into your body is just as important as what you put on it. If you’ve binged on spicy dishes loaded with onion and garlic, it will show through your skin in the form of odours for the next 48 hours. The food you eat not only affects your natural body odour, but also the way in which your perfume reacts on your skin and to your odour. Include lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and protein in your diet in order to keep your body feeling and smelling fresh.

Move past your skin
Smelling good isn’t restricted to your body alone. Consider showering some of that sweet-smelling potion on to your clothes in your wardrobe, on your hair and on your bedding as well. Spritzing it on your pillows and sheets allows the scent to envelop you while you’re asleep, but not in an overpowering way. Do you miss that lovely smell your cardigan had when it was new? Spritz some clothes spray in your wardrobe to keep your clothes smelling fresh without worrying about them smelling too strongly of your perfume. Clothes sprays contain ingredients that neutralise the odour of worn clothes and evaporates it without leaving any scent behind.

Don’t limit it to perfume
Perfumes, colognes and fragrances aren’t limited to pretty spray bottles anymore. So, why should you? Choose from the variety of body lotions, shower gels, soaps and more that are available. Try layering these fragrances with different combinations of products, without going overboard, in order to build on the fragrance. Try a fragrant moisturiser in the morning and layer it with a complementing body mist, or if you’re feeling adventurous, a different fragrance of body mist while heading out after work.

Don’t forget to reapply
Whether you’re wearing a long-lasting perfume or not, remember to spritz some on throughout the day. Carry your perfume in travel-size bottles or simply keep one at your desk at work for a spritz on the go. Make sure you have an oil-based roller with you at all times, as these are pretty handy when it comes to dabbing some on when you need it. They also tend to stick to your skin for longer. The same goes for hair sprays, and no, we’re not referring to the ones that give your hair volume and shine. There are several scented sprays that keep your hair smelling fresh all day long.

If it helps
One trick to making your perfume stay on longer is by rubbing some vitamin E oil on your skin before spraying it. Although citrus-based notes and eau de colognes dissipate quicker, the vitamin E oil makes it easier for citrus as well as heavier fragrances such as sandalwood and vanilla to stay for a while longer. Also, much like body and hair odour, a dry mouth also tends to let out bad odour. To deal with this, chew sugarless gum to stimulate your salivary glands for fresher smelling breath.

The right choices
Ultimately, the way you smell depends on what you spray on your body. The way to choose your perfume and truly enjoy it is by carrying a tester home, using it for a while and then gauging if it is the right one for you. Although finding the perfect fragrance can be a difficult task, it is worth the effort! Don’t be swayed by the whiff of a scent bottle at a store because it might not be meant for you in the long run! So, take your time when investing in a fragrance.

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