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Monday, June 26, 2017

The off-shoulder trend is one of the most versatile fashion styles at the moment, and has been trending for quite a while. To help you throw on stylish off-shoulder looks, Trisha Ghoroi tells you about the styles and pieces that are in this season

Many trends have come and gone, but not many have stayed fresh for as long as the off-shoulder trend. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is that it can be moulded to create different styles, which are unique in themselves. Another thing we love about this style is that it can be incorporated in tops, T-shirts, sweat shirts, and even dresses and gowns. Whether you’re dressing for a simple brunch or a red carpet event, this style is acceptable everywhere! Here we talk about the different off-shoulder styles, and we’ve even picked our favourites from each category to help you update your wardrobe.

The cold shoulder
This off-shoulder style is probably the most trending at the moment, and you can’t walk past a store window and not be bombarded with this style. If you’re still new to the trend, it has a cut at the top of the sleeve, revealing just your shoulder. The style works very well on tops and short dresses, and gives your outfit a casual look — without being too casual. It is stylish and not too revealing. Pair this style with a pair of denims and you’re ready to rock any luncheon.

Our pick: We love this crisp white off-shoulder blouse from H&M for Rs. 1,799.

Long & loose
Similar to the straight line trend; the only difference is that this style sports a long sleeve. It is commonly seen in gowns and looks smart in fitted tops or dresses. The sleeve can be fitted or flowy depending on the design. However, refrain from over-accessorising with this style. It is better to put on statement earrings and leave your neckline bare.

Our pick: We love this racy striped piece from for Rs. 999.

Low bridge
In this style, the low sleeves are at the same level with the neck line and hence create a straight bridge across the shoulder. Dresses and tops with such styles usually have elastic on the sides of the sleeves to keep the outfit from slipping off. Those that don’t come with elastic will have to be tailored to fit you. This style looks great in a loosely fitted top or dress and is perfect for a casual day out with friends.

Our pick: This off-shoulder dress from Vero Moda for Rs. 2,699 is our favourite. Style it with a sling bag and you’re all set.

Spaghetti strap
If you’re not comfortable tottering on the edge of a wardrobe malfunction, pick this breezy style instead. Think of it like a spaghetti top with sleeves. There’s no elastic involved in this dress and the straps keep the outfit in place. Mostly seen in tops, this style looks fabulous when the outfit is made of georgette material, which gives them a light, flowy feel.

Our pick: If you want to try this casual and chic look, pick this floral top from Forever21 for Rs. 1,259.

The grunge of old
This style has been around for a while and we hope it never goes out of fashion. It is a mix of the normal and off-shoulder style with one side hanging off your shoulder, and is perfect if you want to sport a fun-loving, youthful look. Accessorise it with a chunky neckpiece and bracelets. This style is so versatile that it works with both tight-fitting and loose dresses.

Our pick: For a casual look, try this one-shoulder sweatshirt from Zara for Rs. 1,790.

Subtly off-shoulder
If you want to get with the off-shoulder trend, but are uncomfortable with low necklines, this may be the one for you. Subtle exposure dresses have a neckline that’s not too low and the straps just hug your shoulder. Choose an adorable, fitted dress in this style. It is great for both crop tops as well as long gowns.

Our pick: We love this skater dress from for Rs. 3,299.

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