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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

We’ve all had to deal with messy, tangled wires when leaving our phones to charge. Pearl Mathias brings you easy ways to amp up your charging station

The cost of living in an always connected world is that we have to keep charging our gadgets, whether we like it or not. And, very often, our phones are caught in a jumble of wires that look anything but appealing. As easy as it may be to overlook this and get on with our lives, it’s not such a difficult task to make the space look a little more organised. Whether you’re the creative kind or not, we’ve brought you some easy hacks to decorating your charging station. There’s a solution for every kind of person, right from the functional kind to the personalising kind. Take a look.

We’re sure you have an extra pouch at hand. If not, you can make one out of leftover pieces of cloth. Create a small loop or handle for your pouch as well. Put your phone in the pouch, place the handle over your charger, and voila! You have a self-contained charging station minus the messy wires.

A smart way to make good use of space in your kitchen is by attaching a basket near the cabinets or your kitchen island, somewhere close to a charging port. You can also personalise this space by adding humorous text or even adorn the area with tiny potted plants if you like. This helps you take advantage of the space in your kitchen or living room that otherwise goes unattended.

We’ve carved out the centres of books to store personal notes, letters and private belongings you want to keep away from the eyes of the world. Have you thought of using this cool technique to create a personalised charging station for your phone? If you have a book to spare, simply carve out the inside (leaving space for the wire to stay in place as well) and place your phone in it. Decorate the book with pretty paper if you like and your charging area won’t look like a mess ever again.

We think this is a brilliant idea if you’ve been trying to get your children to keep their phones aside and engage in some family time. You can make use of a spare shelf in the house or bring home a magazine rack, which you can christen as the family charging station. Set aside a designated time for everyone to leave their phones on the shelf, either to charge or simply to rest, and you have a tidy charging station along with coveted family time.

We’re all guilty of hoarding shoeboxes whether or not they’re housing a pair of shoes. So, why not put them to use by creating your very own charging station in the confines of one? All you need to do is cut out a few holes on the sides, making way for the wires to pass through, and place it near a charging port. This helps pretty up the area and there’s enough space for multiple phones in a box.

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We’ve all had to deal with messy, tangled wires w
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