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Slip It On

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Whether you’re looking for the perfect slip dress or trying to find a way to style it, we’ve got everything you need! Rhea Dhanbhoora & Pearl Mathias bring you the slip dress guide you’ve been searching for

First things first: let’s help you style a slip dress. If you’ve already got one at home, here’s what to pair it with. If not, use these tips from Roxanne D’Souza, stylist and blogger who started, as she shows you how to get the perfect look in whatever slip dress you choose.

If you’re confused about what a slip dress is, we’re here to help. While they were, of course, designed to be worn under your clothes as slips (somewhere around the ’30s — think flapper styles and the death of those deadly corsets) and were often more fitted around the bust, they’re now a style statement that you can’t afford to miss making! They’re still (as we learn from Roxanne on page 14) often mistaken for lingerie or nightwear, but if you style them correctly, they’re perfect for any occasion. One of our favourite characteristics of the slip dress, apart from its extremely comfortable fit, is the spaghetti thin strap — try finding a bra to go with these! The dress was in style in the ’50s and ’60s, but was a little under the radar after that, till the ’90s when Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss brought it back with a bang. And now, with Diane Kruger and Selena Gomez revisiting the style, you could say it’s back — though in our opinion, it never really went anywhere!

Add an inner
“To give your look a stylish edge, add an inner layer to your slip dress. A casual T-shirt works wonders, as does a printed blouse. I picked a pussybow blouse for a more ’60s vibe. This look is very classy and borderline office-appropriate too.”
>> We love the stylish white bag Roxanne picked to accessorise with. It’s perfect for a corporate style
>> So as not to draw attention away but still keep it classy, Roxanne picked pretty maroon stilettos that go perfectly with her slip dress
>> Roxanne’s pussybow top is a bright blue shade that adds a great contrast to the slip dress. If you’re picking a similar top, don’t overdo the accessories

Paired with a skirt
“To pull off a ’90s look, I suggest pairing a slip dress with a floating skirt. Let only the upper half show. Most women need to get used to a lingerie-style blouse before they start wearing a lingerie-style dress.”
>> We like how Roxanne chose a see-through clutch to go with the outfit. You could pair it with something similar
>> A jacket draped over your dress offers your outfit a fresh look
>> These liberty blue stilettos go perfectly with the dress, without stealing the spotlight

Cape it
“By far, my favourite way to wear a slip dress is with a maxi shirt dress. There’s a lot of versatility in this look. Should I button it? Should I half-button it? Do I belt it or leave it open? The possibilities are endless — as endless as the collection of shirt dresses available all over the city, from Hill Road to!”
>> We totally dig the bright blue accessories, which make this ensemble look complete
>> You could go with a long, flowy shirt dress like Roxanne, or you could experiment with something shorter
>> These brown wedges go perfectly with the tassled bag that Roxanne used to accessorise the look

Drape a jacket over it
“It might still be too hot to actually wear a leather jacket, but the heat won’t stop you from draping one over your shoulders. Add booties for an added effect, and you have something that’s perfect for an evening out. I would go away from dark jackets made from leather (or any other material), and add a lighter tone for a classier feel. But if rock star chic is what you want, then by all means go black.”
>> Leather jackets may not be ideal for the Mumbai weather, so pick material such as linen, rayon or silk instead
>> Choose the colour of your jacket in contrast with or to match your dress, depending on the look you prefer
>> We love how Roxanne paired her jacket and slip dress combination with these ankle-length boots. So chic!


  • Remember not to accessorise too heavily or you will ruin the look. A few choice accessories are great — don’t go overboard.
  • Keep your shoes classy. Pumps are a great idea, as are wedges. Remember that slippers will make it look like a nightdress.
  • Line it so that you don’t have a Kate Moss moment with a dress that’s too sheer — that only works on the red carpet!
  • If you pick a dress with a slit, ensure that your bodice isn’t drawing attention away from it — either/or, never both!
  • Try to keep it skirting above the knee, but if it’s a mini, layer up!

Even if you’re layering a slip dress, you may want to learn how to get thicker skin, because as Roxanne explains, “A slip dress, especially in satin, will often look like nightwear or inner wear. It’s imperative to pay close attention to detail and style when you’re wearing it. You will always have that one friend who asks you why you’re wearing your nightclothes to brunch. Of course, picking a non-satin or non-silky piece will put an end to those comments, but if your dress has lace or mesh, you might still hear it.”

Our favourite slip dresses
Don’t want to go all out with colour? Black is always your safest bet, even when it comes to slip dresses! Pick up this one from Zara for Rs 1,590.

A very bright option for the monsoon, we love this sunshine-yellow dress from ASOS for Rs 1,486.

Another subtle colour, but with lace detailing that makes it look more interesting, pick up this gorgeous olive slip dress from Marks & Spencer for Rs 3,499.

A red-hot option from the latest collection by Zara, this slip dress is perfect when dressing up is on the cards. Pick it up for Rs 3,990. 

Start off with a bright blue slip dress. We love the colour even though it’s not as slinky as we’d have liked. Pick this Topshop dress up from Jabong for Rs 1,316.

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