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Friday, January 06, 2017

If you’ve been wondering why you should use skin serum when you often get the same benefits from moisturiser or body scrubs, Jeet Dalvi & Khevna Pandit have the answers you’re looking for

We’re obsessed with looking and feeling good, and the beauty industry regularly indulges this obsession by introducing one product after another, all claiming to have the best benefits for our skin, hair, lips... you name it, they’ve got something for it! Skin serums have only recently been added to our beauty routines, but are they worth the time, money and effort you spend on them? If they’re here to moisturise, why not simply use a moisturiser? They also provide your skin with necessary oils; but don’t we already have face oils? If you’re wondering why you should be using skin serum at all, take a look at what it really does, and then pick from our favourites below.

A reason for every serum
A face serum is a concentrated liquid that provides your skin with a few active ingredients to address specific issues such as ageing, dark circles, wrinkles and roughness. The ingredients you will find in serums are more concentrated than in a moisturiser. Serums also tend to be a bit thicker, giving them an oily consistency, but it’s really not oil! Serums are more of a night-time moisturiser, so don’t replace your daytime moisturiser and sunscreen with them. You can apply serum before you go to bed and skip using a night-time moisturiser, making your daily routine one step easier.
One for all...

Serum has no age bar, which means that it works its magic on everyone. Who said that simply avoiding bad lifestyle habits would make your skin healthier? The trick is to sneak in some really healthy ones, and a good skincare regime is just what you need. If you’ve noticed signs of ageing or are the unfortunate victim of environmental pollution, serums are your best bet for healthy, glowing skin.

With all the confusing options online, we’re helping out with a few of our favourites. Take a look and choose one that suits your skin best.

Young & beautiful
Aiming to stimulate the ageless vitality of your skin, Biotique’s Bio Dandelion Ageless Lightening Serum is a rich blend of natural ingredients such as dandelion and nutmeg oil (rich in vitamin E and minerals). We especially love how fresh it makes us feel.
Price: Rs 229 for 40ml

Green & gorgeous
There’s nothing like a serum that not only nourishes and hydrates your skin, but also locks in moisture through the rest of the day. And that’s exactly what The Green Tea Serum from Innisfree does! Made from Jeju green tea and tea seeds, it is packed with amino acids and minerals to retain freshness.
Price: Rs 1,950 for 80ml

Touch of gold
If you often complain of dry skin, the Saffire 24K Gold Serum is the elixir you need. It not only provides your skin with natural radiance, but also revitalises skin cells with its moisturising properties.
Price: Rs 325 for 10ml

Tree of life
Infused with three precious seed oils, Oils of Life is the serum you need if you’re looking for a quick, revitalising facial. It feels light and it will seep into your skin, leaving it soft and moisturised all day long.
Price: Rs 3,095 for 30ml
Where: The Body Shop outlets

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