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Simplifying Gifting

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Shopping can be a pretty tough task, especially when you’re shopping to please a woman! Jagruti Verma tells you how to ensure that it’s a piece of cake

We know that shopping for that special woman in your life is never an easy task. In addition to the range of choices out there, you have to make sure that the gift suits her, is something that she really wants and, most difficult of all, is something that she doesn’t already have! They say it’s the thought that counts, but let’s face it, it’s time to step up your game. A basic rule is to be completely focused when you’re choosing a gift. If you’re not sure where to start or how to go about it, read on as we speak to a few people in retail to simplify the process for you.


Want to get her a shiny bauble, but don’t know where to start? Rahul Aggarwal, the director of SRS Jewells, tells us what you need to focus on.

  • Find out about more her preferences Gold, platinum, diamonds, gem stones or a combination of all three. Find out what she likes and what she may want. Also, don’t assume that just because you like a piece, she will too. If you’re not sure, ask someone who you think knows more about what she likes.
  • Personalise the gift That way, you not only make her day, you will also help her get a gift that’s worth remembering. Personalising your gift makes it unique and also gives it sentimental value. Alphabetical pendants or sleek wristbands that spell out her name are great ideas to start with.
  • Sneak around Peek into her jewellery box to get a sense of her taste before buying a piece, especially if you are buying an expensive one. Pay attention when she talks about the things that she likes.
  • Trends and more If your woman loves trendy jewellery, consider doing a little research the latest trends. However, if she is always talking about jewellery as an investment, pick secure pieces in simple, versatile styles and colours that will work for any occasion.
  • Play it safe If you’re not too sure about her taste, gift her hoop earrings, diamond studs or a simple link chain. Don’t buy cutting-edge designs or glitzy pieces that will only look good on a fancy occasion, unless you are absolutely sure that she will like them.

You can pick chokers, oversized earrings and asymmetrical stones in different colours that she could pair with her favourite outfits. Tiaras are also in style right now. Make her feel like royalty by giving her one!


If you often see her looking through décor catalogues, take the hint! And, follow these tips from Yukta Mathur, editor at, to find the woman in your life the perfect gift.

  • Fabrics and details Women are quite particular about the fabric, colour and overall expression of furnishings and accessories. Giving her a set of cushions in metallic colours with abstract motifs or traditional prints for her living room could be a good idea, but only if that matches her taste. Look around her room before picking out a style.
  • Bedsheets are a good option A beautiful bedsheet or bedcover made with premier cotton or silk is a welcome addition to any woman’s linen collection. If you’re unsure about her favourite colour, pick pretty pinks, mint greens and soft blues as these are safe, popular linen options.
  • Colours and personalisation Try to keep the colour choice muted. Don’t pick anything that is too bright or too dull. Buy neutral shades such as beige, fawn, white, brown or black, which go with every colour. There is nothing more romantic than a soft blanket or bath linen set crafted in premium fabrics and soft pastel hues.
  • Cutlery and accessories If she loves to host luncheons and dinners, get her a set of classy table mats made with bamboo. Scented candles or ornate vanity mirrors, contemporary geometrical artefacts are also currently in style.


On a lighter note, here are some tips from Bhavik Jhaveri, CEO and founder of Ambab and Pretr, that could make your gift-buying experience a little more relaxing.

“I think that the one thing all men should remember while buying gifts for a woman is to check whether they have easy return/ exchange policies. Choosing something you don’t like at all sometimes works too — there may be a good chance that she will like it! Also, if she says that you don’t have to get her anything, don’t believe it. Of course you have to get her something!” Bhavik says. We think that’s very wise advice.

Jokes aside, he has some serious tips too. “Keep it simple. Don’t surprise her too much. Appreciate and celebrate her presence in your life more than just loading her with gifts. Let her know how much you cherish her and give her something on every special occasion that comes your way. Pay attention to the things that she really liked in the past but didn’t buy for some reason (often because of the price tag) — get her those things! Nothing will make her feel as special as being noticed and respected will. The most important thing is to respect her and express how much she means to you,” he adds. We hope this will make the gifting process simpler for you.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and buy her a nice gift!

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