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Friday, July 15, 2016

We all have a different approach when it comes to shopping, but don’t you want to know what type of shopper you are? Answer these questions and Purva Indulkar will tell you what best describes your shopping style

Whether you have four applications on your mobile phone that allow you to shop with a quick swipe, or only walk into a store when the door screams ‘40% off!’, your shopping habits say a lot about you. The way we shop often mimics our approach to life.

An overstuffed bag may signal an inability to prioritise, but the way you shop (and spend) could be a reflection of your personality. Go through the questions below to figure out what kind of shopper you are. Our advice may be good for your bank account!

How many shopping applications do you have on your phone?
a) One or two, but I only use them when there’s a sale on.
b) About five or six. I like having several options.
c) Three. I look for the same item on all of them to see where I’m getting the best deal.

How do you pay for things that you order online?
a) I use the ‘cash on delivery’ service. It’s convenient and I can often return damaged items.
b) I have a digital wallet on each website that I use.
c) I pay using a credit/ debit card; it’s a hassle-free method.

Do you shop according to trends?
a) The only trend I care about is sale season!
b) Yes, I always wear what’s being sported by Bollywood celebrities.
c) I don’t follow trends. I shop for what I like.

How would you describe your wardrobe?
a) It’s stuffed with clothes that I recently bought from the mall.
b) It’s full of clothes I haven’t worn in months.
c) It’s a good mix of cheap basics and designer classics.

What are your thoughts on designer wear?
a) It’s so expensive; I would never spend thousands of rupees on a pair of shoes!
b) I love designer items; they’re a great status symbol. I often compromise on other things so that I have enough money to buy them.
c) They’re okay. Some of them are awesome and worth the money, but others are just weird!

When was the last time you bought something?
a) When there was a 50% sale at Vero Moda last summer.
b) Just this morning — a perfect way to start a day, no?
c) A couple of months ago. I bought a designer bag that I had been eyeing for a while.

Mostly As You’re a budgeteer! Every month, you have a budget for your shopping expenses and you rarely cross it! The first thing you do when you log on to a shopping website is select the lowest price range. Your shopping philosophy is — why buy one pair of shoes for Rs 5,000 when you can get five shirts for the same price? You know why — because quality matters. While we admire your steadfast stubbornness about saving money, some things are worth spending a little extra on. So, the next time you spot a gorgeous designer gown but it’s a little over your price range, pick it up anyway — you won’t regret paying for the quality when all your cheap shirts are in tatters!

Mostly Bs You’re a shopaholic! You may be reading this article, but you’re also browsing through your phone to see when new stock arrives at Mango. If anyone asked you to describe your wardrobe, your answer would be “Vero Moda, Only, Forever 21, Levi’s and Caprese” — or something to that effect. You’re the sort of person who follows brands on social media so that you can see when a particular item is on discount and buy it immediately. But, while we love your dedication to fashion, you may be going a little overboard. Instead of following trends and buying everything that you see on your favourite celebrity, simply buy items that reflect your personality!

Mostly Cs You’re a strategist! You are the sanest person in any room. You would never pay over Rs 500 for a cup of coffee and you will never pay shocking amounts for clothing either. But, at the same time, you don’t mind shelling out big bucks for an item that really catches your eye, like if you’re shopping for a designer lehenga to wear to a wedding or looking for the perfect LBD. Your wardrobe includes classic designer pieces, but also has room for the quirky watches you found at Colaba Causeway and golden studded-caps you spotted at Fashion Street. You have a definite sense of style and you shop from a few brands that fulfil your needs.

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